Stories We’ve heard wide-ranging stories from our customers - from extremely long links that are connecting new communities to urban areas where our B5 radios are getting well over 1 Gbps on very short links in high noise environments. Now we want to hear your story! This section was created for you to share your adventure with the rest of the community. If you are looking for creative ways to use Mimosa products and services, or just want to get inspired by some awesome stories - this is the place for you! Looking forward to hearing your stories! News "What's going on at Mimosa? Are there updates about the industry that I need to know about? Any new products on the horizon?" Those are just a few of questions that you will get answered here. We created this section for you to learn and share news related to Mimosa, the industry, and your business. Got something to share? Want to share your perspective on current wireless news? Post it here!
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