1.3.0 Firmware upgrade results


Did your problems arise after doing Site Survey’s and was it the station ends that caused issues?
We are also on 1.3.1 and having radios locking up.


No, we just upgraded to 1.3.1 and got reports of intermittent throughput, and people getting dropped from VOIP calls, and webpages getting cutoff!

Once we went back to earlier software, everything worked properly again.

Another link we have seems to work better on the 1.3.1 software, we get 800 Mbps rather than 600 Mbps connection rate! But we have not really put that link into service yet with heavy traffic on it.



I just upgraded to 1.3.1 as we were still running one of the beta’s that was sent out. We did not start having issues until 2 days ago when the links would just go flat and not pass traffic.

I got up at 2am and started upgrading to 1.3.1 and now have a reduced speed. The mimosa is showing 740/520 phy rate previously with the radio running approx the same as it is now i could speed test from one mikrotik to the other at 120x120 or so… now i am getting like 72x55…


Should we upgrade to 1.3.1 or not? I am still confused


Hello Cris I need b5 firmware 1.3.1 for downgrade. Link please


How are you Mr.Chris
please i have B5c and i want open the 4900 -6200 radios which software cloud i use its available software 1.3.1. for B5c ???
thank you two much


Hi @diaa1,

Please upgrade to the latest firmware 1.5.0 and unlock your radio as Licensed. This should open up more spectrum for you, depending on where you are located in the world.

I’m also closing this thread because it is very old. If you need assistance, please create a new topic.