2ms window in SRS mode A5 - C5



Are there plans to allow a 2ms window size when running service between an A5 and C5 in SRS mode?


Hi, I think yes, but waiting like rain in the desert :sweat_smile:

Waiting for timeline.



I am still wondering about this over 6 months later it seems, with no official reply.

Thank you.


I am not sure we will ever see anything besides 8ms. Even though we would probably use lower window sizes.

The larger window size allows for more total aggregate bandwidth then smaller window sizes, but the increased latency is something I dislike. 20-30 ms for many clients especially during heavy utilization. That said, the vast majority of people in this industry prefer the greater bandwidth over lower latency (just look at the Ubiquiti Airmax forums and you will see almost everyone is on 8ms 67/33 or 75/25) And there are very few applications that are effected by a consistent 20-30 ms. VoIP can handle it, Streaming doesn’t care, web browsing cares even less, gamers are few and far between and often don’t know better.

I think what we really want is to adjust our window portions to 67/33 or even 75/25. I think we have a lot of airtime lost being stuck at 50/50.


Very interesting, but like always I prefer to switch the right setup on each situation. So if I have the option to choose another windows time is better than a fixed one.


While I’m not sure about the timing windows, I do know asymmetric traffic split is coming soon. I will try and get more info about additional timing windows.


Our product guys have tested with lower TDMA windows, but found it didn’t really provide any improvements. There are no current plans to include 2 or 4ms timing windows to PTMP.

VoIP via A5/C5 SRS vs WiFi mode

I just finished testing an A5C and a C5. The latency was much higher than I expected at stayed around 22 ms from the SM to the BS even at optimal signal level and quality. Is there something that can be done to lower this via a setting or optimization? What is the best latency than can be expected?


If you have quiet spectrum, not very many clients and not too far to go you could go “WiFi Interop” instead of using GPS fixed timing it relies on RTS. That might give you lower timings, but those could become irregular with too many clients or high throughput.

You might be able to drop some latency with prioritization, but most of the built in Mimosa stuff in that department is focused on bandwidth.

If it is a particular client that needs really low latency, then a PTP link is the only real solution inside of the Mimosa realm. Ubiquiti will let you use various timing windows (5/8/10 I think) and they have asymmetric traffic split (66/33, 75/25 depending on the window size)


thanks for the update, that helps.