A5-14 in urban/city site


Can you provide official doc where I can read that ?


In some replies people refer to the use of two sectors (horns or normal sectors) on one A5c and they say they work fine. I have also been reading some post from a Mimosa guy himself that said that it would make no problem to have two 2x2 antenna fit to one 4x4 radio.

In fact I have done something similar years ago when the first double chain radio cards come on the market. I hooked two single chain sectors to one and the same card and could this way double my sector while using only one radio and one card! (all clients were still single chain units…)

I even tried for a while a ubiquity triple chain card to do the same trick with 3 sectors. But now the power per chain was so low and we already started replacing client unist for duo chain CPE’s I soon removed that card. But it did work for a couple of weeks…


Any update in using RF Elements ( two x 2X2 ) connected to one A5c !


Q where can you buy the A5c for 570 euro ?