A5 Factory reset



were I can find factory reset button on A5?


There is no factory reset button. You will need to use the Mimosa A5 recovery SSID to reset the radio.



Ok. Thx that helps… Now a I csn connect to a5 2,4 wifi network, I recive ip 192.168.26.x, I can ping, but I can’t open web. It is continuously redirecting me to https

What to do?


What web browser are you using? Have you tried a different web browser?

Sometimes it helps to manage Mimosa equipment with an Inprivate/Incognito/Private web browsing window.


I have tried firefox, chrome, edge (also in privet mode).


You could try, for some reason I remember when I was resetting one of my APs that helped, but I am not sure.

I would also set your IP as static and not rely on DHCP to do it’s stuff. Try a different computer see if maybe it’s something to do with the computer.

The system is pretty straight forward, once I got internet access and could follow the instructions I remember things going much more smoothly…


static IP didn’t solved that problem… I think it is something about ssl certificate

I have also tried from mobile phone… same errors… after connecting to mimosaRxxx network i redirects me to https://www.msftconnecttest.com/redirect which I cant open

a can’t force my web browsers to work on http:// it trys https://

I have also tried via Midori web browser and still notihing


This is ridiculous, I have many c5, c5c b5-lite, no problems… but this is first time I need to restore factory defauts in A5… impossible


Odd, are you changing your default browser when you switch which browser you are using? I only get the microsoft connect test page when I am using the default browser…

The whole point of using a non-https connection is that there is no SSL Cert. Are you able to connect to anything that is not https?


ok. problem solved it had non standard https port setup by previous owner


LOL, what a jerk. Slap that man with a fish for me, I was really weirded out… Glad you got it figured out.


What do you do to reset an A5-14 when the default SSID does not ever show up?? I’ve followed the instructions per Mimosa but we never see “mimosaR###” pop up.


Try connecting to the radio with Ethernet and go to the address that way during the time period when the WiFi should be up. I am pretty sure the Ethernet and 2.4 Radio are bridged…