A5 General Discussion


Can’t guarantee results of course, not what we’d recommend, but connectors 1-2-3-4 should pair to a L-R-L-R in sequence (i.e. alternating whatever antenna polarizations being used). We haven’t done testing in this configuration ourselves, needless to say there could be different sync performance based on FTB ratio, etc. Everything needs to be in the same directionality more or less to achieve beamforming though.


So, since the A5 has 2 radios in it, just like the B5c does, we can then attach 2 separate sector antennas to it. Essentially using Four 90 degree sectors, and Two A5 radios, we can then cover a full 360 pattern (just like the omni does)?

Or mount them in the pattern that we need?

OK, Jaime…when will they be available ?


Not sure what you’re meaning @wayne about the 2 radios in the A5. A5 and A5c are 4x4 in (up to) 80 MHz, the B5c is 2 streams x 2 channels (i.e. 2x80 up to 160 MHz total).

In concept reading your second sentence I think you’re asking if you could do basically do 4 quantity 90 (dual pol) sector antennas for 8 polarizations, fed by 2 A5c devices. The answer is likely it’ll work, but you won’t get any beamforming (since the polarizations for each A5c will not all overlap) , and of course this will require 2 sets of channels (1 per each A5c). It’s in concept just like our A5 “doubled down” I guess with 2 serviceable streams per sector for clients.

Anyways, A5c will be out end of next month.


I guess I was figuring that we could attach the A5 to existing sector antennas that we already have mounted. But, from what you stated, that wouldn’t work well?

When are Mimosa “Sectors” going to be available for the A5 ?



Not saying it won’t work well, just haven’t tested it. Frankly these are all strip antennas whether in one enclosure or two, just connect things up properly to get polarizations in the directions you want to make sure you either get directional MIMO, or overlapping MIMO for beamforming capability.

My only comment is if you were NOT doing sync before on a low cost sector, it likely isn’t a great sector for doing sync on spec wise. I don’t know what you’re using, so just making appropriate disclaimers. I always say give it a shot, nothing is going to cause damage here, it’s a good experiment if nothing else!


I’d like to know this as well.

Seems like a good experiment for mimosa to do. I’m sure Wayne is busy trying to run a business.


Any Updates on Shipping/Availability of A5-90 sector? i can see some vendor sites listing even the price of those with ‘coming soon’ but no mention of them in Mimosa website product range until now.


@Rehan A5-90 will not be produced. Instead, they decided to go with A5c and you pair it to your choice of antenna. KP Performance and MTI will have sectors available for A5c.


@Rehan when we announced the A5c in March with the option for flexible sector antenna options (as Kent mentioned above), we had announced that we were no longer going to bring the integrated A5-90 to market. This was based on a lot of customer feedback for preference to pick separate antennas for different applications, etc., the general feedback has been that A5c is a much better option for most. The distribution channel was notified of this a while ago, although we see some folks still have not fully updated their sites to represent this.