A5c High PER Question


One of our A5c’s has been seeing high PER. Is this usually an RF environment issue or can this be corrected with making changes to our configuration?


Hi Christopher,

PER of 8-10% is not atypical in WiFi Interop, especially with high client counts or when one or more clients can’t hear each other when contending for spectrum. You might try SRS mode as a test for this.

Looking at your Network Spectrum view in the cloud, there is significant interference (> -50 dBm) on two of the clients that may be causing the problem as they attempt to contend for airtime in WiFi Interop. I see you have since changed channels and reduced channel width since the post above (which has helped), but the new channels also have interference at the clients.


@Chris is there a document that explains how SRS works?


Hi Christopher,

Yes, here is a link to the SRS application guide: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/srs-overview


Hi Chris,

I’m getting a similar problem were UL PER is jumping up to 50% at times. It does look likes it getting worse as more clients connect.

I did try SRS early on but the latency and speeds were a lot worse than interop mode. Is there a maximum distance before SRS becomes ineffective? The reason I ask if because nearly all our customers are 3-5km’s away.