A5c + N5360 Longest Link


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I was just wondering what kind of distances outside of 500 Meters people have been able to maintain a link with this setup. On the CPE side I would be using a c5x with a 25 dBi dish. I would like to use 40 wide as the channel width. Would be trying to send speeds of at least 25/10. Is it even possible to connect with something outside off the 500 meter range with clear LOS?

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Yes it is possible. We are only running a 20 MHz wide channel and have to be very careful of our power because of a nearby radar station. But this is what we have currently.

This is a mix and match of KP Performance antennas (23/25dB), Altilex (23dB), C5 and C5x with 25 dB antennas.

Be careful of noise. Customer antennas seem to tend to have more issues then the A5c does.

I would not go beyond 3 miles, the customers I have that are +3 miles have all been headaches, both alignment and keeping them connected.

Most of my customers are 15/6, but a few are 25/8. One of the customers is a friend who I use for testing, so his BW is set to 200 Mbps, he never gets it, but I have seen him pulling 60-90 Mbps frequently enough. (Which is the hard limit of 20 MHz on Mimosa)



I’ve been wondering this myself about the N360. I’m hoping to have an A5 with an N360 up this coming weekend. Another Mimosa WISP says 1 mile is very possible. He showed me an old A5 with a C5 at 1 mile, 40 mhz channel, with a 300x270 phy.



We have not done a lot off of our A5, 1 mile would probably work if you have a big enough antenna and it is placed high enough. That said our furthest customer off of our A5 is only 3/4 of a mile and it’s a bit of a stretch. Only my experience. We don’t have anything bigger then 23 dB pointed at it at the moment so maybe you could go bigger and squeeze out some more distance, but it would be hard to do with a 40 MHz wide channel.

That said, Mimosa radios have the unique ability of being able to run a 40 MHz wide channel, but if the client can’t quite reach the AP with on 40 MHz the AP will drop it’s channel width for that individual customer. I have tried this with some success, but we had issues with some clients always switching between 20 and 40 and not having good connections in the meantime. This was a while ago, so maybe it works better now, but I have not tried.



Hi all,

Personally I’ve installed a C5c + 30dBi dish 3 miles out connecting to an N5-360. Signal strength on this link was around -65. It was a very noisy environment, so we ended up using a 20MHz channel.

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Thanks for the reply.

If I were to have a customer with higher bandwidth requirements, taking two C5x and using them point to point would make sense ? Will the point to point with the C5x play nice with the A5?



We are going to install an A5c+N360 in a few days, I hope to have the same results as all of you. If not I’ll let you know !!

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We have A5 with 2 x N5-45x2 antenna longest link is 6.6km



In 2 weeks we will be testing 11 km with a C5C 33 dbi antenna to connect to A5 above