Aiming very slow


Hi, why the aiming is very, very slow? When i do the aiming i have to wait 2 or 3 seconds every time to see new signal.

Ex.: Ubiquiti or Cambium are very fast and precise for aiming, it’s realtime.

Does mimosa plan to solve this problem?

Best regards.


Saludos; Gomez te pregunto:

veo que pusistes aqui C5 pero que AP usas? es que quiero cambiar a Full Mimosa de Full Mikrotik que estoy ahora mismo y tengo mis dudas, aunque nadie me convencio con Mikrotik pero “las hice funcionar aca” con lo que costaban en aquel entonces.


same question! any solution?


Same here. Any suggestions?


I agree, Cambium and Ubiquiti both have an edge here. They also both have a dedicated aiming page with a higher refresh rate than their main page as well.

Suggestion 1: Build a dedicated aiming page with a larger indicator and a higher refresh rate.

Suggestion 2: Include beeping on the aiming page with faster or louder beeps as the signal gets stronger.

Suggestion 3: Add a graph so the signal can be seen over time to get a sense of how the aiming process is going.


I totally agree. We need faster aiming feature.


Lack of fast allignment is driving me and my technicians crazy.
Please fix it asap.