B11 and the 11645 frequency Issue

I have been working with you guys and have replaced and sent back radios to be looked at, but with your firmware after 1.41 if I use 11645 as one of my frequencies, it has very low power output, I need to know when this will be fixed so that I can continue to purchase there radios. I am worried that it will not be fixed and this will continue to be a frequency I cannot use with the b-11 therefore the B-11 will be unusable for me in the future and I will have to pull down at least 10 links I have currently as I need that frequency to work with the license I have and whats available on these sites.

please get me an update, it has been radio silent from your team for the last couple months.

Hi @vince1,

We finally received the four RMA’d units from you guys a couple of weeks ago. The hardware team is currently analyzing the issue described above. @Jeff or I will follow up with you soon.

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I have good news for you and anyone else that might be having issues with this. Using Vince’s radios, we were able to come up with a fix for this issue. We should have a firmware patch (1.5.2 beta 2) available in the next week or two that will take care of it.


This is HUGE!! thank you so much you saved my bacon, let me know when its up and Ill give it a run.

you guys kick butt


Any Update, asking for a friend…

I just received the firmware this morning. Please send over your email address to dustin@mimosa.co


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here is the second link i just did and the results look the same, there is no change on the power from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2

Before, and after.