B11 interference?


Hi all,

We just got our B11 link up and the RX rate keeps skipping between MCS 7 and 9 how ever the TX rate seems to be fairly solid MCS 9. Looking at the Spectrum Analyzer on the RX radio that has the MCS rate dropping to 7 I see some noise on the center frequency of my RX channel. I’m thinking this is going to be the cause and the licence needs changed to move our frequency?

The frequency is used by another carrier which could be between 40 and 50km away but I’m not 100% sure where.

See Spectrum view below, Whats everyone’s thoughts on this?



Contact your coordinator, and they should be able to tell you who it is!
Doesn’t look like a good coordination job?


On further investigation I discovered the RX freq is 10915 and the TX freq 11445 so its not interference causing the RX MCS dropping.

Whats the optimum RX signal for the B11?


Time to find what else is near your tower ? Might be a harmonic of something!


Como se solucionó el problema?


Mimosa cerró el post Jorge1 en el que posteamos.
Parece no les gustó que la gente “demuestre” lo que ocurre.


Hi Jorge,

In your last post on the other thread, you said that you were done with Mimosa so we closed the thread (we did not remove it).

Did you change your mind? If so, we would be happy to continue helping to address problem, but we need direct access to your radios to do so.

In our experience with thousands of radios, problems like this usually have environmental causes as not everyone is seeing the same behavior. The root cause can be found, but we need your cooperation to troubleshoot since Mimosa Support is not on site.

The root cause may be revealed with a real-time broadband spectrum analyzer since the built-in spectrum analyzer may not detect some periodic interference.

Here is an example from another user we just helped where the PHY rates are very stable.

Of course, not all of them look like this, but Mimosa does not guarantee modulation at the highest rates in all environments. Rate Adaptation is supposed to react to PER, EVM and wireless errors.

If you are truly interested in solving your problem, please contact Mimosa Support directly either through chat or email.


Hello Chris. I miss his comments. Any user or reader can understand that we do not give access to mimosa and really, it is totally the opposite. Months ago, they have access by ssh and by ip publish: port, only 1 minute of the petition of mimosa, have what they ask to solve the problem. I do not understand your comment. Sure you do not know that this is how I comment and not otherwise. If you want to check it, I put ip publish and port, but for months this has occurred and is still active.

Do not take it badly, but … it’s as I say, you can ask your peers and you will be amazed.

I did not change my mind, here is something happening, and mimosa dealers have changed many teams to many customers as you know.

Mimosa finished? I suppose, because if they worked 2 months without solution … you finished or are still with something? Because I do not know. Mimosa says nothing.

You understand our disappointment, since they are equipment that does not cost 100 €.

About the 1 ms of ping or latency that they announce in the web … better we do not speak.

Understand our … disappointment and anger. You would do the same.

Sorry, the translation into English is from google and insurance is not perfect.


Hola Chris. Me extrañan sus comentarios. Cualquier usuario o lector puede entender que nó damos acceso a mimosa y realmente, es totalmente lo contrario. Hace meses, que tienen acceso por ssh y por ip publica:puerto, tan solo 1 minuto de la peticion de mimosa, tienen lo que piden para solucionar el problema. No entiendo su comentario. Seguro usted no sabe que esto es como comento y no de otra manera. Si desea comprobarlo, pongo ip publica y puerto, pero hace meses que esto se produjo y sigue activo.

No lo tome usted a mal, pero…es como digo, puede preguntar a sus compañeros y se sorprenderá.

No cambié de opinion, aqui está pasando algo, y los distribuidores mimosa han cambiado muchos equipos a muchos clientes como usted sabe.

Mimosa ha terminado? Supongo, porque si trabajaron 2 meses sin solucion…has terminado o siguen con algo? Porque yo no se. Mimosa no dice nada.

Comprenda usted nuestra decepcion, ya que son equipos que no cuestan 100€.

Sobre los 1 ms de ping o latencia que anuncian en la web…mejor no hablamos.

Comprenda usted nuestra…decepcion y enfado. Usted haria lo mismo.

Perdona, la traduccion al inglés, es de google y seguro no es perfecta.


Hi Jorge,

I understand your frustration. We are still willing to help if you are willing to accept it, and not give up on us.

After identifying a hardware problem with your specific radios, we replaced them about 10 days ago, and have been working all along with your distributor (Pablo) to help provide RF tuning guidance.

We recommended adjusting TDMA settings that improved the performance (EVM-based rate adaptation) and Auto-TDMA. Earlier, 4ms timing was selected which resulted in higher latency.

Here is a screen capture of your link (2x40 mode) which shows the throughput relative to the PHY fluctuations for everyone’s benefit. We are still willing to work on your link, but we can’t do it here in this forum.

Here is an example of latency on a production link. If you absolutely need consistent RTT latency below 1 ms (not many applications do), then an FDD radio would be a better choice for that application.


Chris…antes de decir ciertas cosas…deberia usted preguntar a sus compañeros.

Como le dije…mejor no hablamos de latencia o ping.

Ping desde ccr mikrotik a AP:

Antes de las 7 de la mañana, muy poco trafico ahora:


Su distribuidor, dijo antenas de 60 para maxima modulacion.
Nuestra empresa dijo NO, mejor de 90 en dos lados.
Vemos foto:
Como sentiria usted?


¿Es este resultado de la Mikrotik local a la radio, o la radio remota?

Para su referencia, estas son las latencias (RTT) que se esperan basadas en la Ventana TDMA:


Es el resultado del Mikrotik que hay en el suscriptor hacia el ap.


Hola a todos.
Despues de un tiempo con Mimosa, con las pruebas oportunas, acceso a las radios de forma remota, estoy alegre, porque Chris, de Mimosa, me atendió magnificamente, y con un nuevo firmware resolvió y arregló el problema con nuestras b11 que hemos estado casi bajando de la torre.
Cuando las personas trabajan en arreglar un problema, tambien hay que decirlo, al igual que empezamos con el post anterior, donde tampoco me parece justo tener que entrar en el foro, y montar…cierto…escandalo o llamar la atencion para que se nos escuche.
Es pronto, pero tenemos mas de 24 horas con mcs 9, trafico estable, y con tasas y modulaciones que hasta ahora…no habiamos visto. Con latencia o ping de 4, 5, 6ms procotolo TDMA que seguro con algunos ajustes personalizados a nuestro gusto o necesidades, podemos mejorar.
Me comentan que van a seguir trabajando en dicho firmware y saldrá pronto y solucionará los posibles problemas con usuarios b11.
Es especial, agradezco la atencion de Chris-Mimosa quien en los ultimos dias, ha trabajado con el problema, pero no mas importante la ayuda, y atencion de Pablo de Wifidom, todo un señor y un magnifico trabajo y atención.
Gracias Chris y Pablo por su atención.


Este es el mcs 9 constante y perfecto, despues de 24 horas de instalar el firmware beta de mimosa para solucionar el problema.
No tiene nada que ver con otras fotos expuestas en el foro.
Chris-Mimosa me dijo que van a trabajar unos dias mas, hacer las comprobaciones oportunas en su campo, y realizar nuevo firware para todos.



Perfecto despues del nuevo firware. Muy bien. Incluso latencia.


@Chris this new B11-firmware is public available ?


@Massimiliano No, not yet. We are still tuning over different temperature ranges, and plan to incorporate the final changes in a point release including several other updates. All of these require internal unit tests, and external alpha and beta tests before release. I expect this will take 6-8 weeks in total. Please PM me if you have a severe PHY fluctuations and we will evaluate if this firmware can help.


Dias despues…todo perfecto!!!
Muy bien.


Hi Chris, i have the same problem of Jorge1… i can get MCS 8 or 9… only MCS 7 can i obtain.
I don’t know what else can test, the SNR is good and i realign the PtP but don’t help.

Can you send me the same firmware that Jorge have tested or can you check my PtP?