B11 interference?


I’m told that a 1.4.5 firmware beta will be available within the next several days (Friday or Monday depending on test results). It contains several different improvements for B11 that help stabilize and improve PHY performance. I will make this available to you as soon as I get it.

The firmware I gave to Jorge has some of the improvements mentioned above, but not all of them. It is better to wait for the new one if you can.


La verdad es que desde que instalamos mi firware beta, que segun dice Chris no las tiene todas…mi enlace funciona perfecto. Tal vez un poco de latencia inestable, pero…nada que ver con lo del principio.

Me alegra saber que estan en ello y van a mejorar.

Recomendamos Mimosa B11 a nuestros vecinos isp.


Gracias Jorge, entonces quedo a la espera del firmware, no me queda otra alternativa.

Espero pueda resolver mi problema con ese nuevo firmware.
Saludos desde Argentina.


Mejor esperar a firware beta como dice Chris.


Jorge mi correo es jagsystem@gmail.com


ADRIAN1 podrias poner alguna captura pantalla de tu problema exacto y te ayudamos?
Puedes empezar otro post si lo deseas.


Що не пишете на български, поне да ви разбирам.


Any updates on the 1.4.5 firmware release? I’m experiencing some jumpy behavior on my B11’s and would like to see if this helps stabilize things a bit.


Hi @Joe5,

Firmware version 1.4.5 is in beta this week, and will likely be released next week.


Firmware version 1.4.5? Date?


Hi Jorge,

We decided to include a number of other unrelated updates to the 1.4.5 firmware which extended the release timeline. I believe we are close to a release at this point, so I will follow up internally about the date.

If anyone else needs it, I have the latest beta which is the current release candidate. Please PM me if you need it.


Yes, please.
My email ea5geb@yahoo.es
Is posible need reset for poe?


OK, I’ll PM it to you. No need to reset beforehand.