B24 Installation and first testing impressions


Yes. I tightened the fine AZ screw. It does not prevent the unit from moving left to right when it is locked down. It would need another screw at the back of the pivot point to lock the unit down tight, and keep it from moving with a gust of wind. It seems they have put a spring of some sort into the unit to prevent movement- but if I can touch it and move it- wind will surely do the same thing.

Additionally, as I was tightening up the fine AZ, the right side of the radio fell down - meaning that I had to put inward pressure on the plate while tightening the fine AZ so it didn’t bounce around all over the place. Great concept - but this mount needs some major work. I don’t look forward to the service call when the thing gets blow off path due to wind load.

Both sides of the link have this same issue. Ele and AZ age great- but the AZ needs some kind of backup locking bolt for when it’s aimed, and shouldn’t move.

If mimosa wants to send me two new brackets so I can test it out - I’m all for it.


I can tell by looking at your video that your screw isn’t tightened down all of the way. It might be defective, but your screw should look just like the one on the back, if it’s tightened all the way down. Basically with some thread coming out of the top of the nut.

I will pass this video and feedback along to our Product team. You will probably hear from them directly next week about the mount and a possible replacement(s).


Would love to talk to the team. We had it lined up at -62.1, and then we locked both ends down and now it’s at -65.7.


We just put the second line up … this is such a pain to align them. After we got the signal to -58.5 on a 1.5 mile link … when you tight the screws now is -61.2



Hopefully these will help you:

and the follow up


First time B24 user. I have used several brands and this was a breeze to setup, really like the 2.4 radio for setup. As far as the mount goes I agree with the others here. Disappointing at best, every time you tighten it especially in azimuth it will move some and throw off the aim. I want a repeatable process and not something I have to play with. Time will tell as far as stability. Have seen a few link drops but the aim is off a bit, the guy I had on that tower struggled with getting it to align.


Same issues here. Really bad mount design. Please fix it. Basically wasting an hour or more per install fighting the mount. I finally had to mis-align it in the opposite direction of where it wants to settle when you tighten the bolts and then tighten them to get it to rest at the position that we needed. Would love to see something like the S***u 1ft mounts.