B24 maximum MTU and management VLAN Question?


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B24 max MTU and management VLANs

What is the maximum MTU the B24 will pass? This seems to be a lacking detail in the spec sheet.

Also, does it behave like the B5 (used to/does?) in that the same management VLAN needs to be configured on both sides of a link for things to work?



Hello Jacob,

The B24 can pass frames up to 3200 bytes without fragmentation. There is a good FAQ on our help site which explains and other aspects of how our backhaul products handle network traffic:


Along with our help site, you can also contact our Support via live chat at http://help.mimosa.co


With regard to VLANs, the B24 operates the same way as B5. It operates as a transparent bridge and will thus pass all VLAN tagged traffic provided the Ethernet devices connected to each device are VLAN capable.