B24 MTU sizes - modes and modulation levels


The Traffic Handling FAQ mentions: Mimosa backhaul radios support “baby jumbo” frames up to 3200 bytes without fragmentation in certain modes and modulation levels.

Does anyone know what the “certain modes and modulation levels” actually are?


Dunno about modulations, but I am pretty certain that the Jumbo frame stuff is only available in SRS.


I just got around to looking at the manual for the backhauls and going through my own B11s and they do not have an explicit “Jumbo Frame” switch, unlike the A5/A5c which have it under “Management >> Miscellaneous”

My recommendation would be to go to Mimosa Support, they should be able to clarify. If you are willing, I would greatly appreciate it if you would report back here and let the community know what the answer is.