B5 GPS re-occurring problem


We have 5 Mimosa products running on a tower site. Three B5’s and two B11’s. About a year ago, the three B5’s lost GPS sync and caused these radios to have connectivity issues and poor through-put. After a few weeks of reboots and firmware updates to no avail, they magically started receiving GPS sync again overnight. Mimosa support stated that it was a harmonic interference from the LTE provider co-located at that tower, and I should call AT&T to solve the issue. There has been no noticeable problem for almost a year until the beginning of this week. Again, we are told that it’s interference from the LTE provider. As I don’t have any direct contacts with AT&T, and I seriously doubt they are going to help me with MY problem, I am forced to look for other ideas.

So here’s my question. Has anyone else had this issue? Why is it that the B5’s see this issue and not the B11’s, AirFiber5x, and Prism Rockets? Is there any sort of shielding/external GPS antenna that can help solve this issue?

If I can not solve this mystery, it is clear that Mimosa is not an effective answer for 90% of our tower sites, as we are co-located with AT&T and Verizon almost everywhere on our network.

Thank you for your time