B5c ~ Feature Request ~ Single Polarity Option



I would like the ability to utilize a B5c radio with a single polarity dish. By having this feature would allow one to cut over to Mimosa B5c infrastructure ($1,000/link) quicker, allowing time to budget and implement dual polarity dishes over a few budget cycles.



Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but you could just put a N-type 50-Ohm termination load on one chain of your B5c on both ends and ensure you use the same chain to connect to your antenna on both radios.


I asked the same question to Mimosa support and they stated that the B5c radio needs both polarities connected to operate correctly. If it is technically feasible to do so, Mimosa would need to issue a firmware update.


Hello @Mimosa any feedback on this request?



Hello @Mimosa any feedback on this request?



We have no current plans to issue a B5c firmware release that supports single polarity operation.


@Chris it sure would be a helpful feature to add to the B5c radio, especially during tough budgeting times. Would really help with getting the Mimosa B5c radios out in the field more.



I wanted to reach back out and see if single polarity use has made it on the B5c road map.



There are no current plans to offer a single polarity operation.

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