C5 General Discussion


The hardware is there for GPS in the A5 from day one, just finishing the software for Sync on the A5 platform takes a bit longer.

The C5 products do not have GPS for cost reasons, as you suggest, we do have pretty accurate ranging info (distance) from the AP, and antenna beamform info (how we reach the client in antenna vernacular), and if you register in the cloud the direction (bearing) you’ve mounted the A5 (on the 360 there’s an arrow on the bottom in the direction of the big “m” on the radome, then we can do some pretty cool general location plotting in the cloud/management system for planning and sector load monitoring.


Good to hear on the GPS sync… As for the AP geolocation hopefully thats something we see early in the cloud rollout of the A5/C5 as that’s a killer features that i know many carriers would LOVE.


Hi Chris,

Great feedback!

I can confirm that all our devices with GPS will automatically map in the management system. We are also working on some innovative ways for a C5 and other non GPS equipped devices to be easily mapped during device setup, so you can check your network status by location quickly and easily.