C5 replacement parts (ethernet boot/weather sealing greese)



Is there a location to purchase or does mimosa make available replacement kits for the weather sealing boot/gasket for the C5 and the grease?



Count me in on this.
We have not had any of our boots fail, yet, I just pulled the first C5 I setup at a customer’s location (about 8 months ago) and the boot looks fine, but we are figuring on there being problems. We have some extras because of dropped antennas, customers removing surge protection (consequences are pretty swift in such cases) and a few other causes, but a small supply of the boots would be nice to know we have access to.


Hi guys! We are working on getting these items out to our distributors and resellers. For now though, please open up a chat window and we will be happy to send you Ethernet boots and grease!