C5s stop passing traffic


This C5c Consistently inconsistent Sounds very similar to my ongoing issue - it happened again Saturday and this AM on different A5’s each time. Support doesn’t really have any suggestions except to try the newest BETA firmware :frowning:


Well, I lost a REALLY high end revenue customer today thanks to this “feature”.

Would be good if Mimosa Support had anything to offer than “here try this BETA firmware on the A5 and all the CPE’s”. But nope. No cares to investigate the actual cause; just try this BETA in your production network. lol. No not gonna do that.

The only thing I was told by Mimosa support was ‘there are many performance enhancements’. No direct mention of anything to do with this funky bridging feature even though I linked this forum post and they (apparently) read it all.

And nothing of detail in the changelog for the BETA either except for the (memories of Mikrotik 5 years ago when they were just as lazy) “Several platform improvements have been introduced to improve stability.” TYVM for that detail it REALLY helps us customers decide if our problems might be addressed herein. lol

Even a decent Change log would be a hint but I’m not going to roll out BETA firmware to an A5 and 20 CPE on the off chance it might work. I was really hopeful that Mimosa could deliver their “5G” product.

I’m SO frustrated by the B5 Lineup Ethernet port issues (and I never did hear back about running your debug software for that Rx DMA problem) and the A5/C5 lineup with this VLAN crap.

I’m going to have to switch to Cambium or go back to UBNT… I REALLY wanted Mimosa to work but this is just not sustainable. Not only frustrated but deeply disappointed too.


Hello Ian,
I understand your frustration with this issue and agree that pointing you to our latest Beta firmware is not the solution in this case. In order to help you in an efficient manner, we have opened and escalated a Support case which we will use to track this problem (Case 29306). We have incorporated the contents of this post into that case. For complex issues like this, I encourage you to visit us through chat or send us an email to support@mimosa.co when issues start, so that we can get better visibility and respond in a shorter time.
Thank you for your feedback. Be assured that our team at Mimosa takes this as an opportunity to continue improving. We will contact you shortly through our case management system.
Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to solve this issue.
Best regards,


what is the update for this issue?


This is still happening. I’ve attempted to engage Mimosa on 2 occasions out of the 6 that have happened since. They did take a look on 1 of those 2 - the second time I got no response what-so-ever. The other times I just rebooted the stuff until it started working again.

It is definitely worse with the CPE’s Management VLAN enabled.