DHCP issues on firmware 2.4.1


After upgrading one of our A5 AP’s and C5 clients to the firmware 2.4.1, DHCP is not working properly.
DHCP is a Mikrotik router. A5 configured with static IP and C5’s with DHCP (C5 is in wireless client SRS)
Anything past the C5 client such as a home router keeps losing pings to the AP. Unplugging the C5 from power for over 30 seconds and plugging it back in sometimes resolves the issue. However, if we reboot the C5 without power cycling will bring back the disconnection issue.
A temporary fix was to set both the C5 client and the home router connected to the C5 to a static IP
Is anyone else experiencing the same or similar DHCP issues?


I do not have 2.4.1 on the sector I can test on, but I have a friend who has a C5c on 2.4.1 and the A5 is on I just used him as a test and his ASUS router got a DHCP address from my Mikrotik router through his C5c which I switched from Static to DHCP. All seems to be working, I restarted the antenna and both it and the router behind it received DHCP addresses. I’ll see if I can update the sector tonight and see if we can duplicate the issue.


Hi @Abe,

I have made forwarded this on to the support manager, Hector. He should contact you soon with a case number so we can follow up with you.


Hi @Abe, we have created a case for you and you should’ve received an email from Mimosa Support.