Discovery Tool?


I see lot’s of current and former UBNT users in here. I really miss a discovery tool.


Agreed. I have a B5c that I took down and now I don’t know what it’s IP address is. :-\


We have some discovery options on our release roadmap. No commit date yet, but we do have the feature request submitted. In the meantime, you can discover the IP if you run the arp command from a device connected to the same switch as the radio.

Windows / DOS:
arp -a | findstr 20:B5:C6

Mac / Linux:
arp -a | grep 20:B5:C6

Otherwise, you could reset and use the default password.
More about this here:


I saw the ark command, but didn’t have any luck. I started to do the reset comma but then I realized I had more important things to do and we’ll have to come back to this later.


I know this is an older topic, but sure could use a discovery tool. ARP doesnt seem to always work.


I’m with you guys on this, a discovery tool would be greatly appreciated. This post is dated back to 2016 and yet no discovery tool.


Hi all,

Let me push this on to the Product team!


I would love it if you guys would implement either CDP or LLDP.