Feature Request: Drop Ethernet


On my Mimosa radios, I would like the ability to configure the Ethernet interface to drop for a few seconds and then come back up in the event that I lose the wireless link. This would force routing protocols to immediately re-route. When it comes back up, it allows me to still manage the device, but since the wireless link is down, the routing protocols don’t re-establish.


Hi Mike, we already have that feature. It’s called Rapid Port Shutdown. From the help pages:

Rapid Port Shutdown (RPS) - Enabling this option disables the logical link of the Ethernet port for 2 seconds once every 5 minutes if the wireless link disassociates. This function becomes active only after initial association, and repeats the off/on cycle until the link re-associates. This speeds convergence of routing and switching protocols used in the network.



So you do… I guess I just didn’t see it.


You didn’t think I’d stay happy, did you?

Now how about being able to customize when it turns off based on MAC rate? A 10 meg connection doesn’t do me any good, so it might as well drop.

Note: I started this response the day you commented, but forgot about it. The site saved it for my return. :slight_smile:


Hi Mike,

That feature request has been in queue for some time (ability to set max and min MCS). I’ll use your comment to increase the vote count.