Feature Request: Link Profile Improvements


In the lower left corner of a link in the NDT, you have a path profile. When I mouseover that profile, on the map it should show me where on the link that point is and vice versa. I have a point that appears to have 3m of clearance and I wand to see what’s there.

It should also say the appropriate fresnel and LOS clearances somewhere as you mouse over the profile and the link on the map.


Was just coming to make this same exact post. Exact reason we would want that too. A “like” for you good sir!



bump bump bumpity bump


Hi Mike,

We have looked into doing this in the past, its more complicated then you would think! We did just get access to a bunch of new google maps API’s hopefully they will make it easier for us, and I’m sure we will look at trying to get this done again when we have time.



I assume everything I ask for is just a wave of a wand away from happening. :wink:


We will be updating the Point to Point Planner in the next few months, as well as a bunch of other new features! Just give me a sec while I go run around the office with my Magic Wand.