Feature Requests - A5 Products


It would be nice to have an “Access list” feature, where you can specify MACs allowed to connect to AP… MAC not listed are kicked from the AP…


How close is 2.3.3-beta-5 to becoming stable? Also, are you guys secret about what changes and performance improvements you’re working on? I know Chris said that Traffic shaping is being addressed in SRS. If you are watching anything specific I could load it on my pure Mimosa network and do some testing. Maybe this is the wrong forum for this?



I think I’m talking to myself. At any rate, I am loading 2.3.3-beta-5 on my network right now. I wish I could see a changelog and issues to watch for. If I wasn’t so desperate for a performance bump I wouldn’t be throwing beta firmware on my production network right now.



Ok, so trying to load the firmware from the cloud it just sent me an e-mail that the upgrade was unsuccessful. After I received that, I just upload the firmware from the GUI and then I get this message: “Error starting upgrade: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory”. My other A5 upgraded without issue. I’ll reboot and try again.

Update: Ok, rebooting and attempting to upload again worked. Watching this firmware for a bit.

Update 8-10-2017
Traffic shaping isn’t so restrictive anymore like it was when SRS was first released, but it seems there is no control on it anymore whatsoever. So if you try to squeeze the client to 25 Mbps they will get whatever is available. The traffic control on the upload seems to always have worked like a charm.


Anyone have a changelog for the 2.3.3-beta-6 firmware for the A5?


The ability to push the GPS time to C5 Clients (consistent log times on whole sector) (or just allowing an IP to be used for NTP instead of only allowing Web Addresses)

Bandwidth Test alongside the Ping and Trace-route tests. For example, testing cable to and from A5 to a B11.

Echo the requests of @Pierre1 and @Dogus for the “Limiting of Low Signal/Quality Clients” or even just a maximum airtime feature.

Adjustable Genter-Traffic Split- instead of just 50/50 (A5toC5/C5toA5) let us go 51/49-90/10 or vice versa for those weird edge cases.


A stable normal ethernet port on all products, and more efficiency to reject noise !