Feature Requests - A5 Products


It would be nice to have an “Access list” feature, where you can specify MACs allowed to connect to AP… MAC not listed are kicked from the AP…


How close is 2.3.3-beta-5 to becoming stable? Also, are you guys secret about what changes and performance improvements you’re working on? I know Chris said that Traffic shaping is being addressed in SRS. If you are watching anything specific I could load it on my pure Mimosa network and do some testing. Maybe this is the wrong forum for this?



I think I’m talking to myself. At any rate, I am loading 2.3.3-beta-5 on my network right now. I wish I could see a changelog and issues to watch for. If I wasn’t so desperate for a performance bump I wouldn’t be throwing beta firmware on my production network right now.



Ok, so trying to load the firmware from the cloud it just sent me an e-mail that the upgrade was unsuccessful. After I received that, I just upload the firmware from the GUI and then I get this message: “Error starting upgrade: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory”. My other A5 upgraded without issue. I’ll reboot and try again.

Update: Ok, rebooting and attempting to upload again worked. Watching this firmware for a bit.

Update 8-10-2017
Traffic shaping isn’t so restrictive anymore like it was when SRS was first released, but it seems there is no control on it anymore whatsoever. So if you try to squeeze the client to 25 Mbps they will get whatever is available. The traffic control on the upload seems to always have worked like a charm.


Anyone have a changelog for the 2.3.3-beta-6 firmware for the A5?


The ability to push the GPS time to C5 Clients (consistent log times on whole sector) (or just allowing an IP to be used for NTP instead of only allowing Web Addresses)

Bandwidth Test alongside the Ping and Trace-route tests. For example, testing cable to and from A5 to a B11.

Echo the requests of @Pierre1 and @Dogus for the “Limiting of Low Signal/Quality Clients” or even just a maximum airtime feature.

Adjustable Genter-Traffic Split- instead of just 50/50 (A5toC5/C5toA5) let us go 51/49-90/10 or vice versa for those weird edge cases.


A stable normal ethernet port on all products, and more efficiency to reject noise !


More than a cool thing or nice to have for some companies, like us, which are thinking about migrate from UBNT to mimosa the ability to turn off the ethernet interface on CPEs it’s a must have. Once we have a suspension for lack of payment they way we are currently handle it it’s turning off the CPE etherent interface. Unfortunately mimosa has nothing like that nor a way to setup traffic shapping lower than 1Mbps


I second this, an easy way to connect DNP customers is really needed. We used to set the customer’s traffic shaping plan to 0x0 but this is not possible anymore after 2.4.0. This could be accomplished with a client setting in the A5? Would also be great to have this as an option in the cloud so our support department can make the changes.


Add exact location if the GPS signal it’s BAD.

I have some towers where I have some equipment near to some LTE cellular/mobile equipment. This is affecting the GPS signal and because I’m using SRS without Time Synchronization Function (TSF) the performance it’s also affected.
It would be great to have the option to manually set the exact location on devices without GPM signal so the TSF will work properly.
In the meantime, I switched to WiFi Interop.

mimosa GPS Troubleshooting:


Excellent suggestion @Irvin. I will pass this on.


Traffic Division 75/25 - 90/10


Hi @Manuel_Sebastian,

You should see at least 75/25 coming soon.


Logs saves in UTC. Would be nice to have them by default in the time zone were the device it’s located (based on the GPS) and for those with equipments ion different time zones: have a way to override it and select a different time zone.

Also, packet count for ping it’s limited to 64. Sometime we need to leave a ping running for longer periods for troubleshooting. Fort that would be great to have a way to leave it running for longer period (more packet count) and once possible have a way to organize the way will be displayed in a way we can see the latest ones on top so we don’t need to continuously scroll down to see the latest result.


Hi @Irvin,

I have passed your requests on to our product team!


What’s the word here? Apparently there are only a few of us WISPs out there that service low income customers…


Hi @Aaron3,

Which request are you referring to exactly?


When in SRS Mode, Two or more SSIDs for 5GHz. So when my moronic Techs decide to leave an antenna connected to the a sector that isn’t even pointing in that direction I can fix it without taking down other customers.

Or a way to stuff common sense into someone’s head, but then I get the feeling you would have a product in much higher demand then fast wireless networking…


This has been requested and discussed internally. I’m not sure where it might be on our roadmap, but we’re aware of and understand the use case for this.


Send multicast over VLAN’s