Feature Requests - B5 Products


it would be nice to have a Auto Power function outside of the Auto Everything.

I don’t know if it is just us but at times I have links go down and I must log in and manually up the power to get the link back online. This may need to be for a few hours or a few days.

I attempt to run all of our radios at the lowest power needed to maintain a stable link…


Hi Sam,

That feature is coming in firmware 1.3.0. We call it TPC Backoff. Set Tx power to the highest power level you anticipate needing, and TPC will reduce Tx power when SNR allows to avoid compression.


Sweet, I will look for it in the beta build then…


Mimosa Team: Please make this a option. If possible have the option to use a B5-Lite radio as a C5 when PTMP is ready. This would help us out on transitioning to Mimosa PTMP. It will give everyone early access to the C5 since the B5-Lite is already on the market.

Also, If we upgrade a B5-Lite link to B5 or B5c we can repurpose those B5-Lites for the use as a C5. Giving the product added value.


Yes Ken, we will allow software to be updated that will allow the B5-Lite to act as a PTMP client AKA C5 mode.


Good deal. I like the sound of that! Thanks Jaime!


@Kent we’re trying to build enough C5 that this won’t be a problem, so it’s a bit more expensive way to go.

Talking with the team, it likely will not be day 1 software support for the B5-Lite to support PTMP client mode to connect to A5 (since it adds more release work and test cases which could delay other things). It’ll likely be there for the GPS sync software release (for talking to B5 PTMP as well).

So recommendation is, don’t count on it, once all units are on the same code track then it’ll be possible.


Ok. Good to know thanks.


I would like to have the B5c series show that it is actually using Flow Control on our Netonix switches?
Could you PLEASE get a hold of Netonix, and figure out why it doesn’t ?


SFP cage will be mandatory in installation colocated with FM Radio tower.


Hi Wayne,

Still no response from Netonix about what they are missing from us regarding flow control detection on their product. We don’t have much control over their product or response, but we have been trying.


Hey, Chris, Different question?
Not able to see anything in the specs on the C5 unit? What is the Rx sensitivity needed to get the MAX MCS rating on the receiver? At 20 Mhz bandwidth?

I would really love it, if you also came out with a 10 mhz bandwidth. Some places here in the USA, you have hard times getting even 20 mhz!



Hi Wayne,

C5 receiver sensitivity can be found here: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-faq-sensitivity
SNR required for each MCS can be found here: http://client.help.mimosa.co/client-faq-snr-mcs

We are limited by the chipset to 20 MHz minimum channel width. We have asked our vendor to accommodate narrower channel widths in future versions of their product such that we could provide this.


Ethernet stats: Feature Request: Ethernet stats


Would love to see adaptive TX power based S/N ratio at opposite end.

I have one B5 looking north and very quiet spectrum. My other B5 looking south is seeing much higher noise since it is pointing to an industrial area.
Now I have set the power on the one looking north to get S/N ratio of about 28-31 dB in the opposite end. This results in S/N ratio of 36-38 dB on the one looking north. This means that I have 6-9 dB more power than needed for balanced S/N ratios.
Would also be nice to be able to have an advanced mode where I can control power on each unit, instead of Access Point controlling both ends.
Adaptive would work best for me since the B5 looking south can see as much as 10 dB noise floor variation over a 24 hour period. The B5 looking north has a very consistent low noise floor.

My performance is excellent so I am very satisfied, except for radiating excessive power in one direction.


Hi Mats,
I agree with your teory.

If we have a mode of controlling the ap and station separately it would be much better.


Hi there,

What about displaying input power from poe injector? It will be great to troubleshoot power related issue.


Might be a good idea to take a look through Sirhc’s view on things.


Can the B-5 move 1Gbps, or is it limited to 500Mbps?


Rodney, I have tested B5s myself and been able to do roughly 1100 down, 275 up. Granted MCS 9 wasn’t stable on the link, and I typically saw MCS 7.

The radio was operating @ 80MHz x2, 75/25 mode at 2ms TDMA window. SNR was @ 32, signal @ -52 both ends and operating in UNII-2A & 2C (was intentionally avoiding UNII-1 and UNII-3). Link is .4 miles and running very low power, clear line of site.

I believe there may have been a multi path issue, and I never got to see it fully resolved as I have moved onto another WISP. Either way, the link was incredibly stable, signals, rates, bandwidth, ect. I have never experienced stability like that with the Mikrotik, UBNT, and Ligowave links that I had worked with in the past. Granted what I would say is the mimosa equipment does appear to be a lot pickier with clean channels, Mimosa is doing a great job of providing the tools to troubleshoot this.

I have used UBNT AC products in AirOS 8 as well, and although that is a far cry from older versions in terms of troubleshooting and features, I still prefer the tools Mimosa is providing. If you put up a Mimosa link and it doesn’t achieve the advertised speed, you will find it far easier to figure out why.