Feature Requests - B5 Products


Thanks for your help Robert. I’m trying to set up our network to deliver to gig speed to a local business. Can that be done with a B5?



What is the distance?
Do you know what the spectrum looks like in regard to interference?

I am using B5 and can easily do 1Gb on a link between two of our production sites that are 1.6 miles apart.

Will give more detailed info later today, have to go to a meeting shortly.

More Info:

Here is what you need:

Two 80 MHz channels with low interference.
Achieve 30dB signal to noise ratio on each channel.
Try to get an RX level close to -50dBm by adjusting the TX level.
Set TDMA to Auto. This will give you adaptive 25-75, 50-50, 75-25 split depending on traffic flow.

You can achieve 1Gb in each direction if flow is in one direction only. You will get 500Mb each direction if you saturate the link both ways. You will probably never have that happen in reality.

My settings are:
Frequency 1 = 5210 MHz
Frequency 2 = 5765 MHz
Power 1 = 17 dBm
Power 2 = 17 dBm
TDMA Split = Auto
Rate adaption = PER
PHY Rate = Conservative

Will add some screen shots later.



Ok, new to this list but the primary things on my list include:

  1. IPv6 management capabilities (IPv4 can be dual stacked to manage these things, but its creating security issues like you wouldn’t believe to have devices on a network that customers can also see)
  2. support on that IPv6 (or even IPv4) for 802.1q tagging. Meaning that I can have different vlans down the connection where the client sees the non-tagged network and the management interface uses the tagged network
  3. Serial console. This is an out-of-band CLI management interface. Probably not likely to happen as this requires hardware changes, etc. But for remote sites, CLI is all there is during network failure modes at relay sites).
  4. ssh/CLI management access.



P.S. The IPv6 thing is becoming more and more a requirement. In the US, we can still do dual stacking however in other countries, IPv6 and gateways are all thats left (think Brazil). Its not a perfect world, but if it were… this would be easy and then I wouldn’t have a job :slight_smile:


Thank you for that fantastic information.


Man I am on my knees begging for a CLI.

I would love to be able to make config changes in a text file or reboot a unit that was crashed!

This thing has to be running some type of NIX OS shell access should be an easy feature!!


This was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help.


I would like to request Hot Standby and/or Redundant Link ability for the B5c radios.

  1. 1+1 Hot Standby links. These links are designed to provide full redundancy in the event of a single radio failure at one or both ends of the link.

  2. 2+0 Links. Redundant links in a ring or mesh configuration plus non-redundant links.