Feature Requests - C5 Products


Tell us what you’re most excited about for the C5 Products, and what features you’re hoping to see soon!


I hope on C5 some advantage over roaming networks? especially on C5i for mobile systems in transport??


Hi Patricio, what specific application do you have in mind for mobility roaming? (speed, etc.)


I am looking on C5 over mobile Wifi, mesh technology. One application could be when moves on vehicle with C5i and connects over the same Wifi but on differents APs (A5-360 or A5-90 sector). Could it be possible??


Interesting use case Particio.

Are you suggesting a deployment where a car or train is moving with the C5 on it and there are access points deployed along the road or rail that will allow the C5 to quickly roam from AP to AP as it speeds down the road/rail?


PPPOE support
VLAN tagging support


I would like to see a customer side GUI. So that we can use the radio as a gateway like cable and DSL providers. The customer should be able to login to the inside interface and control items such as DHCP, Firewall, Port Forwarding or place the device in bridge mode so that they may connect their own router. I would like to see some diagnostics that report pings, DNS, Gateway availability and have the ability to run a speed test to our headend.

I would like to see items such as WAN Vlan settings, rate limiting, PPPOE, and QOS only on the carrier side.

We currently run our network where we issue a private 10. address to all CPE radios. This is used for internet connectivity and routed through a proxy gateway ip at our headend. If the customer request a public ip we set the radio to also connect to a vlan that has a DHCP server giving out public address, when the public is assigned the default route for the 10. is removed at this point all internet traffic is routed through the public and the 10. is used for management only. I would like someway to automate this process via PPPOE in that once the PPPOE is signed in the configuration is retrieved from a config server.

If you want an idea on a additional C-product I would like to see all the above features in a outdoor unit that sends power to the CPE Radio and has provisions for a battery in the outdoor enclosure that will power the system for 24 hours. Said outdoor gateway will have 2 gigE ports, 2 FXS ports, 2 SFP ports, The SFP and gigE ports should be able to be configured as part of the LAN or WAN.

Said device could be used by providers to provide power to the CPE Radio and provide VoIP service without the need for a dozen boxes in the customers house. With the fiber ports you can come out of this unit and daisy chain to other units like it. We have lots customers that have other family members living on the same property but have no line of site to the tower. I have essentially set up this same layout with fiber switches and media converters and trenched fiber from home to home. It would be nice to see it rolled into a nice OEM package.

Something like this… Outdoor Residential Gateway


Excellent feature request. I would love to see this as well.


It would be good to have a smaller more discrete CPE option. For the short range urban/suburban environment something 14-19cm would be good. Same features, just smaller antenna with built in wall/pole articulating mount like most other vendors are now doing.


Thanks @Richard3 definitely something we’re working towards.


We need a way to implement changes on the configurations that needs to be confirmed within a period of time, otherwise the radio will roll back to the previous setup.
Something similar to the commit confirm in Juniper and the test in some other brands.

A clear example: We are currently migrating clients from an existing AP to a new one. If for some reason the CPE doesn’t connect back we have to schedule a truck roll out and fix it… but how different if there where a period, like 3 minutes, where I have to login again and click commit (like in Juniper) or save (like in other brands)?


same as they are requesting here: Feature Request: Test Button


Hi @Irvin,

I have forwarded this request on to our product team.


Please change or reinforce the mounting point, we have had 3 units actually start to crack along the seam where the hose clamp goes through the mount. Ideally change the back of the unit to a metal (Better RF Noise reduction) part, also change the RJ45 Connector to use the same ars the B5


Stay tuned @Ariel1


@DustinS OOOOOHHHHH!!! Revamp Hardware!!! Gigidy…

If it is not too late in the development cycle, I know this has been asked for before in other products, but it would be the cherry on the cake if we had a second management/spectrum radio.