Frequencies 24.25 - 25.25


Hi all,
We asked a licence here in Burkina Faso for 24.05-24.25 GHz but the authority told us they dont deliver those any more. But they do deliver 24.25-25.25 GHz.

So I would like to know if the Mimosa B24 can operate on these.



Looking at the specification sheet for the B24 under “Technical Specifications” >> “Radio” >> “Frequency Range” >> 24.00–24.25 GHz it the range of frequencies the radio works in. So it looks like the B24 won’t, at this time, work with those frequencies.

It may be that this is a software limitation, but I would suspect this to not be the case.


Thanks I have been reading that and I am like hoping it’s a software spec


Then you might go to Mimosa Support and see if they might be able to confirm or deny the possibility.


I honestly do not know if it’s just a software change or not. It depends on the internal feed design. Like the B5 cannot do anything above 5850 or below 5100 because of the actual design of the feed.

@David might be able to answer this. I’ll see if I can track him down here. We’re all getting ready to head to Wispapalooza in Las Vegas.


Thanks I will try to get a hold on him.

Have fun in Las Vegas