FW 1.1.0 and Guest SSID DNS Resolution


I’ve upgraded a production G2, as well as one in our lab here. When I upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0, the Guest network seems to not be able to route it’s clients. Since the G2 hands itself out as the DNS server(more specifically the gateway of each network), the guest networks gateway doesn’t seem to work.

For example, I have a fresh G2 out of the box that I’ve upgraded to 1.1.0, the “Home” SSID works fine, but the “Guest” SSID will only work if I statically assign our DNS servers, Google’s, etc to the clients. It also works if I assign as the DNS server, but it won’t work with the native server handed out via DHCP.

Has anyone seen this issue? Also, is there a way that we can manually specify the DNS servers handed out via DHCP in the G2?


Hi Cory,

We found and fixed the bug that caused this problem. I’ll PM you the latest version to verify in your configuration.


Thanks @Chris. I’m going to load that rev to my lab G2, and then once I test it, I’ll throw it in the field and let you know how it goes.



I uploaded the new firmware you sent and I am able to now route on the guest network, but the main network remains broken until I input either or another valid DNS server.