G2 Feature Request - Cloud management without connection to C5


Testing a couple of the G2’s right now and they’re great. I really like the interface. I’m really surprised to find out that they are currently unable to be cloud managed when not connected through a C5. If they were independently manageable through the cloud app, we would be able to use them on existing FTTH/xDSL locations. In our situation, that’s hundreds or thousands of units vs zero currently deployed C5s.


Thanks for the feedback @Michael3, it’s something we’re working on for future more standalone home networking gateways. We intended this G2 variant to be pretty specific to the Mimosa C5 and C5c with 48VDC and for looking at the entire path to the subscriber, but we’ll expand to more generic standalone options in the software going forward.


I am also testing a G2 to see how it performs. We are a shop that currently does PPPoe authentication through the client and I wanted to test how it performs by putting a current client in bridge mode and authenticate with the G2. Unfortunately with the 48V poe port that can’t be done without being able to turn off the 48v. How about adding that as a feature to the G2?


@Gregory we’re discussing some options here internally, I’ll post here when we have more information about alternatives to using in non-Mimosa C5 environments regarding cloud monitoring.