GPS not detected


A few minutes ago I just unpacked a b24 and one of them says GPS not detected. Radio performance may be impacted.
How I should proceed? Will it be a hardware error?
If I use it like that, will there be a loss of performance?



Well, if you were in Ubiquiti land I would say as long as you did not use the B24 with GPS issues for the AP then you might be fine. (I recall that Ubiquiti will tend to get their timing decisions from the AP.)

I would put a good copper down that the B24 does not have a “none GPS” mode, at least that is what I am gathering from the support page.

I think Mimosa uses each ends GPS to keep them in sync. I would recommend getting in touch with Mimosa support and seeing if they can get it fixed for you one way or another. If the GPS chip is bad who knows what else went south during shipping and the such.


When you unpacked it were you near a window or somewhere else that the unit could SEE the sky for GPS?


I have 2 that for no known reason randomly drop GPS… there’s “nothing” to block GPS from getting to them either… they just show no GPS detected, than hours or days later they’re working again with no intervention.

For function, since I’m not using the GPS for co-location reasons, I have not shown a loss in performance despite the message. Since I don’t need GPS for co-location it’s a non-issue in that aspect.



It’s hard to say what the issue is. If you’ve just taken it out of the box and you’re indoors, I would say it’s probably what @arthur mentioned.

@Bryan1 this could be because of LTE collocation interference if you’re on a tower with LTE.