GPS Sync Firmware


on 24/2 will be released the firmware ?


2.2.0 is now published to the support site

Please RTFM carefully as you need to learn the basics of client tuning when you switch into GPS Sync mode.


OK. Thank you.

So it is not available for B5 series ?

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Can you point out such documentation about GPS sync AP configuration how to and client RF tuning ?


No, we announced last summer we are only formally supporting multipoint access point functionality on the A5 series on a go forward basis.


There’s a whole series of documents and video listed here:


The link to the GPS Sync documentation and video is not taking me to a working page. Thanks for reposting a correct link when available.


Thanks @Jeff11 they changed the link on me to match the new branding :wink:

Fixed above and here’s the new link


What other bugs have been identified other than traffic shaping plan accuracy? I hear the fix is trying to get out middle of March?