I need to active mimosa cloud

hi … please i need to help . i have 3 links mimosa device and i connect it point to point . everything is good . but i need to active mimosa cloud to follow my device … what the steps please? thanks

I am not sure if I understand what you want, but mine just appears with my user when I login in my account… under “manage”

Hello Luis,

first thank you for the time to answer the question above.
i would like to help by making the above question is even more clear because im also looking for an answer to the same question wich is;
how to connect my mimosa devices with my cloud account to my it more easer to check the status of each device, i hope i made my question clear to you or to any other reader may help.
thank you in advance

If you go to Cloud.mimosa.co
You can log into your account there and if your devices can access the internet you can go to “Manage” and see them there.