I want to set up a link of 34 Kms with maximum bandwith possible


I am thinking for use Mimosa C5c with the RF Elements UltraDish TP 550 antenna. It seems to me, using the Link Calculator of RFE, that I can get a good link, but I am not sure about how much theoretical bandwidth I must wait.
Between point A and point B there are almost 34 Kms.
The noise in A is about -90 dBi and Point B is some noisy (about -85 dBi).
The heigh at point A is about 18 meters and point B is about 15 meters.
Point A location is: 10.484441, -66.785971 and Point B location is: 10.480608, -66.482267
I need to get for this link at least about 40 Mbps downstream plus 40 Mbps upstream (about 80 Mbps aggregated).

My country is Venezuela and I don’t know if I can get the maximum output power of 27 dBi of Mimosa C5c for my country. And the antenna Gain is 27 dBi.

Do you think I am Ok with my design? What am I missing here?


Hi @Luis_David,

While I think you would be ok as long as you’re using clean channels, it might be good for you to put this in our design tool. You can choose C5c and under settings change the antenna gain to 27dBi to see if this would work ok for you.


Hi DustinS, Thank for your answer.

Do you know if I can reach 27 dBi maximum output power for my country, Venezuela?


If you use Venezuela Licensed mode, you should be able to reach the max TX power of 27dBm output power