Mimosa B5 in a LAGG

HI Everyone.
Im trying to connect severals PTP to increase bandwidth .
Generally i do that configuring many ports of a switch as a LAGG (link aggregation)
same config on the other side , 2 or 3 pairs of PTP configured at different frequencies
and everything goes fine with other PTP config than MimosaB5.

Can i do these with mimosaB5?
as extra data ( no comparision, please) putting the ubiquiti’s PowerBeam in WDS mode
can afford that.
WDS mode avoid to put the macaddress of PTP’s antennas , and therefore works like a ethernet cable, really transparent.

Expecting comments and possible solutions
Hugo Petrucci

You should be fine, I have not used B5s in this way yet, but it should work.

B5s by default try to act as much like an Ethernet cable as they can which will benefit you. I don’t see any problem.

What kind of router are you using?

Link Aggregation should work without problems because B5s work as a transparent bridge.

Anyway… What bandwidth do you need? B5 can use 2x80 Mhz channels without additional equipment for link aggregation. We have some of them with more than 1gbps aggregated capacity.