Mimosa c5c with RocketDish5G30 ubnt!

every one

I use Mimosa c5c with RocketDish5G30 ubnt (PTP MODE
) But there are some thing wrong , there are no signal like I does not use any dish

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Like you are not able to connect to the other end of the PTP or you don’t see anything on the channel and power page.

I have used other Ubiquiti dishes in the past and they seem to work pretty well.

Could you post a picture of your channel and power page?

im used and very good ,open channel 4600-6400

Hi, I have tried this Dish antenna with C5c long time ago
it won’t work, this rocket dish has AC Technology, and Mimosa dosen’t.
thats why it won’t work.

thats an unofficial firmware you are using.

Antennas don’t have any tech that makes one work for a radio better then another (except for the 4x4 or higher MU-MIMO antennas, but those are just a notation here) A 2 chain antenna will work for any 2 chain radio as long as it’s designed for the frequencies your radio is using…

this should be so true, but under test, the AC dishes antennas, didn’t work, here is the antenna link that didn’t work, https://www.ui.com/airmax/rocketdish-ac-antenna/


If you look at the spec sheet for that antenna Page 1 says:

The RocketDish RD-5G31-AC is a Carrier Class 2x2 Bridge Dish Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with RocketM radios

The Rocket M series radios, are all 802.11n, no AC tech there. Side, note: while Rocket M radios (like the Rocket M5) are 802.11n, the Mimosa C5c supports 802.11AC (At least I surmise this is so, the A5 has 802.11AC and I would guess the C5c would use AC to connect to it when the radio is in WiFi Interop mode… This is just an educated guess though, I would differ to someone else who could show me otherwise.)

Also, a significant portion of the “Spec Sheet” is dedicated to Ubiquiti’s TDMA protocol which is entirely in their radios (otherwise none of us could use Ubiquiti Radios with non-Ubiquiti antennas)

The RD-5G31-AC is just an antenna, if you had issues with it, then it wasn’t because of a protocol mismatch, more likely it was a bad alignment. (A 30 dB antenna is pretty difficult to align properly)