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@Massimiliano Yes, you are correct. We ran into that issue with one client. Here is a perfect example:

This client is connected to Mays House A5 and is also seeing Kyhn A5 due to its orientation. We were unable to move this client to a different A5 due to trees. That is why we had to set Mays House to 5250 instead of 5650.


Are you exclusively using UNII-2A & 2C? This is what I’m looking to do with our deployment and was curious if you found a need to run any of your A5-14s in 1 or 3 for the additional power.


@Robert9 Most of my A5s are in that space.


Curious if the ones that are running in 1 & 3, was this needed for reuse issues, or for the increased EIRP?


The A5cs are running in 1 & 3 for the increased EIRP.



Last question for me is what is your sell profiles. For example: 10
M/1M/512Kbps MCR, 20M/2M/1M MCR, 30M/3M/1M MCR, 50M/10M/5M MCR or others ?

Do you have a contract with those customers permit you to host A5’s you can
share even in private ?

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How did you get power to that tree?



We are currently selling:
Im considering selling a 200/100 plan after 75/25 TDMA is released.

For compensation of the house MicroPOPs Im giving the owners two options: 100/20 for $35 which is a reduced rate or 20/5 for free. Those owners also have a written lease contract.


@Christopher We ran CAT6 cables around the house, underground, and under the sidewalk to get to the tree which is basically in the intersection. Then spray painted the CAT6 cables, ground wires, and mounts with camouflage paint.

The enclosure is on the back side of the house. We run dedicated power to each of the enclosures that are mounted on the outside of the building or house. The other backhaul for that particular MicroPOP is also hidden on the back side of the house.


How many CPE per AP maximum ?


@Massimiliano I have 3 A5s with around 40 clients each.


I can imagine a really clean spectrum of course.

I would like to show a spectrum in my area :slight_smile:


Can you post a most crowded spectrum you have @Kent to understood in what environment you work on


To give you an idea. This was before TDMA:

Same Sector but in TDMA mode:

The remaining spikes of interference are from my competitor or private links. This is on a 65 deg sector. Its not giving you the whole picture of interference but it will give you an idea. As you can see TDMA and GPS sync cleaned up my self interference issues.


In second picture, why you don’t switch to 5700 Mhz ?


Can you paste an A5 spectrum instead of A5c ?


@Massimiliano higher EIRP limit. 5700 would be in DFS.

Here is one of the A5s. I don’t have a before and after of the A5s. Again, my A5s are all mounted low. 50ft or lower. The spikes are not my APs.


@Massimiliano your spectrum looks nasty. Where are you located?


Italy between Napoli and Caserta :slight_smile:


Ah… my recommendation to you is to mount low and use buildings to help mitigate some of your noise.