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Actually I’m using Cambium ePMP 2k, Cambium ePMP 1k, Mikrotik and Mimosa.

The latest I think could really help to advance into coverage using MicroPOP deployments.

My only fear is spectrum, because on our 2 PTP Mimosa Links we have about 400Mbps/200Mbps and 300Mbps/180Mbps using 80 Mhz spectrum. Using wrong frequency, the total bandwidth is really low and RSSI spike to strange value.

On Mimosa I think, the right frequency gives best results. I’m curoius to try SRS on A5-14.


SRS will definitely help you out. The Mimosa radios are currently outperforming my ePMP 2000s with smart beam forming antennas.


Yeah, even if I have not buyed A5 yet, probably ePMP 2k is a relatively old product.

The most important feature I use daily is Combined Spectrum by Mimosa. I think it’s best feature they have. Help a lot to find right space in spectrum to brig stable bandwidth.

I think even the squelch AGC help a lot once you full AP seeing worst signal to set threshold a bit low. I hope to use 40 Mhz and same frequency in near AP to save spectrum.



What sector cluster mount are you using on the water tower?


I modified a RF armor 6 gang cluster mount for UBNT sectors. This Mount:

The KP sectors have wider brackets but I was able to get it to work with longer bolts and hardware.

I added more nuts and adjusted the downtilt after this picture was taken. You can see what I did here:


Very impressive!
What are your payment plans for customer? It seems you made huge investment that needs some ROI.

What are you using to power the C5’s? Their adapters or the G2’s? Any experiences to share with us regarding these C2’s?

We have one A5 deployed in interop mode with 60 (!) customers in a spectral environment sort of like Massimiliano all running MT SXT’s (‘n’ and ‘ac’ mixture in 40Mhz channel)
We are satisified with the performance and offer up to 10/50M u/d.

All SXT’s are within 350mtr range and signals we are aiming at are -55 so that follows your story.

The only BIG issue hanging over our further expansion into Mimosa is the initial investment with ROI.
Contracts on average are € 20,- ($ are almost same) net monthly per customer.
Competition is fierce and I don’t see an incentive to increase our rates in offering speeds that on the moment nobody uses… (Client on average ‘peak’ at 15Mbs, even those that have 40Mb or higher assigned. Our A5 with 60 clients hardly sees more then 50Mb aggregated! Where each assigned CPE can do that!)

What is your policy for selling 100+Mbps contracts? What is the average peak usage? US must be different then Europe because so far don’t see people asking that much speed. Even nearby town fibre provider’s top offering is only 50Mb!..


Are there any latency or speed issues with the A5’s that have 40 clients on them?

Also, what determines if a customer gets a G2 or not? Do you rent them?

Thanks for the info Kent!


Hello Rudy can you show us your A5’s spectrum ?


@Rudy We install the white $10 Mimosa POE bricks at most customer sites. G2s at some of the businesses where I wanted to monitor what was going on with their internal network and track latency. We also installed G2s at customer homes where we utilized the G2s repeater function.

It costs about $2000 per MicroPOP. Customers are at $30-$80 depending on speed plan. I installed most of the MicroPOPs in May-July 2016. I broke even on the infrastructure side of things. The new network of A5s/A5cs will start making money in a month or two once the CPEs are paid off.

Customers on 50 Mbps or higher typically only use around 10-20Mbps.

@Mark3 Im not seeing any speed issues. Latency is around 28-35ms during peak. We sell the G2s at our cost for residential. If a business has a home wifi router, for example, Linksys, Belkin, Netgear we give them a free G2.



it’s worst than mine :grinning:


Have you tried on 5745 ?


Some of these spectral usage you see are our own radio’s, some are 3rd party.
We already freed spectrum in starting to use 60Ghz for some backhauls that previously wherer 5Ghz too. (We don’t use the 5Ghz backup option since we have a ospf ‘loop’ so if link goes down (in very heavy rain it does) traffic comes from the other end…)

You suggest 5745 because it looks clean. You have to remind that all clients are 802.11 csma Mikrotik SXT’s (RTS/CTS enabled) and thus the spectral scan shows a peak here where if all these would be C5’s the scan would omit these and the spectrum would show clear.

We actually freed the 5700-5800 range so we could play with 80Mhz wide channel too. At the time of the play we only had 2 SXT-ac’s and two C5’s.

So far we are happy with the chossen 5710 frequency so didn’t have an incentive yet to try something higher. (At the same time, scan’s at the SXT’s shows usage on the 5750+ ranges too with -70’s so we’d wanted to stay away from that.


My problem is all backhauls are more than 8,5-9 km long.

To reduce cost, probably I’m forced to use 5Ghz. 11 Ghz in Italy is licensed at prohibitive cost.

17 Ghz is a possibility but SIAE, Summit or other require around 4k€ for single PTP.

I can’t see no option here :disappointed_relieved:


We’ve had a Mimosa workshop in Valencia a week ago where I actually proposed to find a way the SSID’s that are recognised to print these in the graph too.

In freeing or re-arranging channels its handy to see which channels are in use by your own network and which are others.
Now we have to make a wireless scan in a Mikrotik unit and manually write the names in a printed output of the Mimosa scan for identity purposes. I mean, we use 40 AP’s and some 20 backhauls and I really don’t know out of my head all the frequencies I’d use. I tried to draw them in a google map but when we started swapping channels my map has to be updated which becomes too much work, which makes it un correct and still I don’t know what others are doing…


This could be a really good improvement. Even using different colors could help.


My network consists out of AP’s with only a handful of clients and towers that need several sectors to handle all the many clients possible.
At the same time we have many back-hauls, ranging from only 300 meters up to max 12km.

For the short range we are going to 60Ghz, for medium and long range just the best antennas I can get and a mixture of Netmetals, Airfibre and now 2 Bc links.

End of March MUM in Milan. I am there, you too? Maybe we have a chat?


Great. Surely we can. Write me a pvt message. It will be a great pleasure. :+1:


Kent can you help to design A5 coverage in my area with Mimosa Design ?

I need an help about Deploment Details found into A5 AP:

  • Commit Rate
  • Max Rate
  • Avg. Max Rate
  • Target Clients
  • Tree Density = 0

I would like to offer following profiles:

  • 10 M/ 2M
  • 20 M/ 5M
  • 30 M/ 10M
  • 50 M/ 20M



Question. Is the GigaPop for your longer range and rural customers and the MicroPops for your denser neighborhoods? How large is your provision for your Internet feed for your network and do you use the full capacity or do you have a level of oversubscription?