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Sorry for the delayed response. Things have been busy.

Your correct. The GigaPop is for distant customers. Micros for close high density.

We currently have a 1Gbps fiber connection. Were waiting on a 2Gbps upgrade. We are also in the process of turning up another 1Gbps connection from a different provider for redundancy and offload.


@Kent as you have experience with mimosa A5-18 (or similar) if i give you the location of my 3 towers and the places i want to impact with Mimosa will you help me please


@Kent, I need your own opinion.

I noticed that in the presence of small interference on adjacent channels, the Mimosa radio’s is really bad acts, significantly lowering the data rate, and consequently, the throughput.

This not happens for example with Cambium, where it seems to me, that even in the presence of significant interference, the radio behaves in admirable fashion.

As if the radio was unable to avoid interferences it receives at all.

In other words, the radio can carry a large amount of bandwidth only on really clean channels. This is same behaviour of Mikrotik for example.

You’ve got to see what I’m saying?