Mimosa plans for 802.11ax?

Y’all are hilarious :joy: Don’t forget this is also Wi-Fi 6E outdoors (U-NII 5/7), 6E came well after the ratification of Wi-Fi 6, so we are dependent on the FCC “multi-stakeholder group” defining the rules for the Automatic Frequency Coordinator function to automate coordination with legacy Part 101 6 GHz links. They just started the AFC MSG about 3 weeks ago, most are estimating completion and testing of the AFC and certification of the AFC by mid-2021.

That said, I’ll tease a little progress milestone report that’ll be out on the newswire on Monday from us so stay tuned!


“1024QAM, OFDMA, channel bonding, MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies”

OMFG - is all I have to say -

“…of up to 7 Gbps for outdoor broadband networks and 5G backhaul infrastructure”

WHAT? Wow - hopefully we can buy these soon.

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