MimosaB24 - wireless disassociated


I’m using fw 2.5.1-PTP 1x80FD … I see several times a day random wireless disassociated and associated

2018-12-16 07:58:27 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless disassociated
2018-12-16 07:59:36 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless associated
2018-12-16 10:11:53 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless disassociated
2018-12-16 10:13:11 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless associated


Have you tried decreasing the channel size? If so and the issue persisted have you tried changing the 40 MHz channel around in the spectrum to see if it was a particular channel that was having interferance?

Could you share some more details about the link? Distance, Channel and spectrum, etc.?


I have a problem on more PTP - about 6 or 7.
For example:

  • First link: 0,5km, TxPower -5dB, Signal: -47dB, 1x80FD, PHY Rate > 800Mbit/800Mit
  • Second link: 2km, TxPower 4dB, Signal: -60dB, 1x80, FDPHY Rate 520Mbit/520Mit

On Spectrum Analyzer seems to be clear.

I have a same problem with channel 2x80

Now I’m try to 1x40MHz on first link - thanks for advice.


Hi @CRFree,

Please try changing your TDMA mode from Auto to a fixed mode (50/50 or 75/25). This can be done on the Link page in the AP radio.

Once you do this, please report back if you have any disassociations.


Now its seems to be OK … but ping grow up about 6ms

I’m using fixed mode 50/50 and 1x80FD


The 6ms is normal for fixed mode, but as the throughput goes up the latency will stay more consistent.


When will Auto mode be fixed ?


Hi all,

As @Marc5 mentioned Auto mode is having issues with intermittent interference. Its similar to the issues experienced before by @Daniel2 and several other posters. We have made quite a few improvements for it in beta 4 and 2.5.0, but evidently there weren’t enough.

Our engineering team is working on resolving these issues and hope to have a permanent solution for Auto in the next firmware release. I do not have a timetable on this currently since we’re in the middle of the Christmas/New Years holiday break time.