Need some advice in PoE and Data connection


Hi Community

I’m going to ask for some advice in a situation that i have.
I got a link with 2 B5c, one end is in a 72m tower at 60m and the other end is in a 108 meters tower at 100m. I have no devices in the bottom of the tower, i use Mikrotik and all the connections between them are made on the top, the data goes down via fiber optic connected to the mikrotiks and to the servers sites.
What i need to solve is that POWER comes from the botom of the towers, but DATA need to be on top, i can’t connect the B5c with a 60m UTP shielded cable to the PoE PSU and then take another 60m cable for the data to one of the Mikrotiks on top and down again with fiber optic.
What would you guys recommend me to do in this situation?
This is why i’m going to post in the features request section for and SFP Cage module on the B5 solutions!!



Let’s see if @Faisal @Mike1 or @MHammett can help out with some good fiber media converter and powering solutions. @MHammett is the official initial requester of SFP modules :wink:


I would be happy if someone could teach me in how to use the POWER of the Mimosa PSU separately from the DATA with a connection diagram i need to do something like this, but i don’t know HOW!

56v POE PSU =======PowerOnly========= B5c ===== 1 Gbps Data Only ====== Mikrotik Routerboard

Need to divide POWER and DATA in the B5c


HI Luis,
A couple of questions.

  1. what devices do you have at the ‘top’ of the tower making the connections ?
  2. how are you powering those devices ?

Have you looked at the following, for a possible solution…

or UBNT Edgerouter 5 POE w/48vDC



Hi Faisal

The devices at the top of the tower are mikrotiks, i’m powering them by jack with 24v DC from an hybrid solar/wind solution (green is the future :grin:)

The problem to solve is to divide POWER and DATA in the B5c


Hi Luis,

Take a closer look at the specs of the Netonix switches (DC Powered ones)

You can also do one of these… Tycon dc to dc …

The challenge with 24v DC power is that most of the higher end gear is 48v…


Hi Faisal

So basically you are telling me that there’s no posible connection scheme that i could use (for example use a pasive PoE adaptor) to divide POWER and DATA at the B5c on the top of the tower?



You’re going to want to look at something from PacketFlux.

You’d want to get a Site Monitor and then a Site Monitor Gigabit PoE injector. Get one appropriate for the number of ports you need to supply. These particular injectors will allow many combinations of voltage and polarity (Cambium or non-Cambium), but you would need to build an appropriate DC plant to support your equipment.


So you guys tell me that i cant use a Pasive PoE Injector? I was thinking in taking 48Vdc from the Mimosa PSU and connecto one of this on the top of the tower, is this not viable?


Hi Luis,

Mimosa Radios are very flexible in-terms of power supply…
There are significant advantages in using the Mimosa brick (excellent surge protection).
However if you have to rig something special please consult this faq for more info…

My personal opinion is that if you use the passive injector cable, you may be able to power the radio but most likely will loose the ability to connect at 1G (you will connect at 100Meg) on the Ethernet port.
And you will also have to worry about having adequate surge protection.

(the issue is not so much about passive poe, but how to do passive poe and be able to connect at 1G on the Ethernet port).


Thanks all for the time and the info, i will update when i put the final solution used.




24 to Mimosa friendly converter.

For data Mikrotik makes a media converter

That can do POE out as well.


Hi Everybody!!

Well i took the short way on this, we go up the tower with 110Vac and put the Mimosa PSU near the B5c and use it to connect the B5c to the Mikrotik.

In a future i’m going to develop a better solution with all the info you guys give me and share it with you.



This product is what you looking for .,h_583,al_c,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/603eb5_67c758d10047402d8e6ff0692ff3a1f9~mv2_d_2818_1721_s_2.jpg