Network Design Tool 2.5.0 Update


Network Design Tool (NDT) Release Notes:

As I do with physical products, I will give my summary of what I think Is important. You should read the release notes if you want to know all the details.

  • Merged Viewshed: This feature merges the intersecting viewsheds of multiple APs and generates a single viewshed to represent the overall coverage. (When you are laying out sectors this will make coverage much more intelligible. Especially if you want to show your tower coverage to people who don’t do this stuff all day long)

  • KML and KMZ export for Google Earth (Handy dandy, especially when you are going from design to trying to get a licensed link.

  • Enhanced CPE Management (Understatement of the week here, If you wanted to, you can make a spread sheet of all your customers with Mimosa Equipment and import it into the design tool. From there link planning, future customer planning all that good stuff is doable. Not sure how good the Geo Coding, if any is available in the design tool, so you may need a way to get your customers GPS coordinates, but Google Earth works well enough in my experience…)

  • The PTP planner is updated to display Total RSSI and Total SNR instead of the old per-chain RSSI and per-chain SNR. Also, more realistic PHY and TCP rates have been introduced. (I felt some of the PTP links were a bit off of reality, but I always expect that and plan for at least 5 dB lower then expected)

  • Numerous UI enhancements. (As someone who can spend all day doing link planning for our company and others we are quoting for, this is big to me. The Design tool does feel a lot better now Though I can’t point at any specific changes.)

Speaking of Form 477, Mimosa has a whole deal for generating it. Check out this link (Note: I don’t know how Mimosa goes about generating the 477, but to do it the FCC’s way is a PITA, so this might help some people who don’t already have a system.)