New B24 Beta software - Support for single channels


I am looking for customers who can load new beta software that enables single 20/40/80 MHz channel support, in addition to existing 2x 20/40/80 MHz mode. We have developed this feature to allows up to 8 collinear links using 20 MHz channels on different frequencies. Each B24 would support approx. 150 Mbps with a single 20 MHz channel.

if you are interested in loading this software, let me know and I can enable it for your cloud account.


Please enable my account. Thanks


Your account has been added to the list. You will be able to find this firmware on your cloud account now.


Mine isn’t in prod yet- so I’d be willing to test it.


Hi @David40,

You should have access to the latest firmware now on your cloud account.


Can you explain this a bit more? Is this Pont to Multipoint?


24 GHz is exclusively for PTP links. The Single Channel stuff is for using smaller channel sizes instead of the large 100 MHz normally used by 24 GHz equipment. This allows more, lower bandwidth, links to be used in the same area without self interfering.