Other PtmP Bands


Are there any plans to make PtmP product in any other bands?


+1 have been curious but figure I already know the answer based on where the outdoor Wi-Fi market seems to be going. I predict the answer of “5GHz only with no future plans for other bands”


Hopefully 5.9 Ghz one day, if the FCC approves it.


I would love to see 3,5 GHZ PtmP equipment, because 5 GHZ will get crowded with all these 5GHZ home routers and mobile operaters 4G offload to 5GHZ in future.
Mostly the LTE equipmnet ist to costly for a wireless ISP.


If the 3.5 rules get a bit more cleared up and the registry database gets sorted out, we’re obviously considering it. Right now 3.5 is a mess in the US, and still in early process of following that work in ETSI.


In some ETSI countries 3,5 can be licensed at doable costs. Would perform much better than 5GHz as there is no dfs needed and much higher allowed tx power.


Understood @Stefan there definitely are some places with existing regulations, to your point some are reasonable cost (some are not), and many are re-regulating as we speak. But it’s a pretty obvious area of interest from most of our customers.