Planned vs Active links


Is there a way to show planned links in one color and active in another?


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Hi @Cameron and @Paul,

We are diligently working to adding some great new features to our network design tool, including creating network nodes, access point planning, cpe planning and improved layer management.

For layer management, we are thinking of allowing the user to show layers based on:

  • Network group
  • Device Status (Planned vs Active)
  • Device Type (PTP, Access Point, Client)

Let me know what you think.



That would be great. It would also be nice to be able to change the colors on the links (ie green on active, blue on planned something like that) so we can view them all at one time.


Let’s see the A5 in the AP list if you can provide radio pattern info and downtilt info that would be useful.


This all sounds great. Another feature that would be nice is to possibly integrate the API links with for the WISPs like us that use them. Possibly making it transparent to see what type of coverage area we could cover. Something like, when you create a PtP, or a sector with CPE, Mimosa cloud creates either a coverage area like or utilize the API from and push the information over to them. This accomplishes two things. (1) The WISPs get an idea of your coverage areas for those radios, and (2) it keeps records of all of your network for FCC Form 477 reporting. Unless Mimosa Cloud is planning to also generate Form 477 reports as well. Just some ideas to help make your awesome product more appealing.