Please introduce yourself

Welcome, Joe! The setting you are looking for can be found within the Design tool in Preferences > User Options > Units of Measurement.

Great to hear that, thanks.

Hello I am framework and we have a wisp in La Baja, Mexico. We just purchased a pair of antennas Mimosa to test them, we have a total of 500 Mbps, we seek to provide the best quality of service.

Hi everyone I am Shafiul Bashar Sumon. CEO SR COMMUNICATION. Bangladesh.


My name is Bob and I am CEO of CresComm WiFi, LLC. I’ve been watching Mimosa since they earned 7 awards at Wispapalooza 2015. We purchased 4 c5c’s to replace UBNT Rocket M5’s to use for backhauls. Expect to see me poking around and pestering Jaime. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am Max i worked i a small WISP in Puerto Rico, after the hurricane Maria we are searching for a best performance in our equipment’s.

I purchase b5 and c5c for backhauls, but the spectrum here is very difficult to work, to much noise around it.

Hello everyone, David Rowell here at WNM Comunications in beautiful SW New Mexico. (which is not new and not Mexico). Looking forward to benefitting from all of your experience.

Hello, I am ( Ahmad Al - Khalidi ) from Iraq, a special greetings to everyone and I am a fan of the company. I work as an engineer in the computer system and one of the agents of the Internet company in Iraq. Thank you.:blush::blush::blush:

I’m Tom and I work with Loop Internet in NEPA and I’m here to find the information that isn’t published in the manuals.

I’m Franklin and I own an IT company that is starting a WISP in West Virginia. We have our phase I equipment and currently testing the network. All equipment is Mimosa Network and I look forward to learning about the industry, equipment, and process here.

Hello everyone, I wear many hats because, I hate TV. :smile:

Got my MSCE over 30 years ago. Ran a network service company and OEM computer manufacturing company and was also OEM certified. Got out of networks and computers because, I got board with it and there seemed to many kids that, were way smarter than me coming into the field. So, I saved myself some aggravation and a lot of running around fixing things they thought they would try and got out of it for a while. LOL

I have done some enterprise work here and there; mostly cable jobs, adding in switches and routers for small and large companies that were growing. I recently started looking at some land in a rural part of our area and found out there is no internet out there. After doing a bit research I found no one out there has anything to speak of. 3Mbps sat. or 6Mbps ADSL. That’s when I found out about this awesome thing called wireless networking. EXCITEMENT LEVEL METER = 10.

So, I’m here learning and getting ready to drop some DO-RA-ME on some Mimosa products.

Hi! My name is Connor Main, I work for a company in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We have always specialized in fibre optic services for the MUSH (Municipal, Utilities, Schools, and Hospitals) Sector. We have recently gotten into the WISP sector and have chosen Mimosa as our product for short and long range sites. I come here seeking any sort of advice that would help our company excel as a WISP. Thank you!

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Hello @Jaime and those here in the Mimosa Community,
We are an Australian based company that focues on connecting the last mile and high end challanging locations.
You can read more about us on our profile here in the forum at
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group!

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I’m Alberto Valderrama,
Use to work on Amnet Coral Springs, Florida - 20 year experience on Netowking, Routing & Switching and also physical layer 1, Worked on RF satellite link for 10 years.

now here in Panama, I use Mimosa since 3 years ago, good backhaul product and brand (it has to be Polycom is a Great Company).

I whish can increase the modulation schemes in a future.

We like the support is awesome, quick response.

Glad to have you here, @Alberto2

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Hello there! I am Fede Lang, working at ANIXTER covering Service Providers business helping out our sales reps throughout the region. I am actually based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking forward to exchange with Mimosa Community.

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Hello, I am Yap and work a long time, exactly 5 years in WISP company.
Currently I am part of the wireless team.
It is a pleasure to join this community and could be exchanging experiences around the world.

Hi @yap and welcome to the Mimosa community. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to your future posts.

Hello, my name is Ali Rehman we are a licensed ISP opperating in Uganda. Our transition to Mimosa is simply because of the exhaustion of 2.6 GHz TDD LTE and we can deliver much more bandwidth