Please introduce yourself



My name is Patrick Simon from Northwest Regional Systems in Ohio. We are a small telecommunications and wireless company. We have many enterprise accounts, phones and data infrastructure. I currently have 4 Mimosa links using the B5’s. I must say I am very impressed, especially after the 1.2.0 firmware update. I look forward to participating in this community.


Tristan Irwin with Siouxland Wireless. We’re a Wireless ISP that operates between Sioux City and Onawa Iowa. We’ve deployed a number of Mimosa links in downtown Sioux City and they’ve performed very well in such a noisy and reflective urban environment. We’ve also deployed a few in rural applications and have had great results.


Welcome Luis, thanks for joining. Your English is doing very well!


Longtime listener, first time caller.

Jeremy Austin from Whitestone Power & Communications in Alaska, a small rural ISP/MSP: DSL, fiber, and unlicensed fixed wireless.

Existing B5C backhaul user, and working on sharing the GPS-sync love with three additional existing and new rural communities.

a.k.a jermudgeon


Hello All,

Mario Aguirre here with Mission Valley Communications. We run a Wireless ISP east of El Paso, TX. Five months ago we replaced and existing back haul with B5’s and fell in love with the difference in performance. We are simply excited the Community Forum is finally online!




I’m Bill Buchan - We’re based south of Aberdeen in Scotland. We’ve got 8 big Mimosa’s and are just about to start playing with our first pair of Mimosa Lites…

So far so very very good.

—* Bill



My name is Aaron Mahler, CTO of Sweet Briar College in Virginia. I’m going to be the little guy here compared to the ISP folks since my use of Mimosa right now is a pair of B5s that link my home to my network on campus. I have a 140ft tower in my back yard for this purpose that I had erected in about 2000 when I got tired of driving 1.2 miles home from fast connectivity to dialup. I started with 802.11b hardware back then and have made all kinds of upgrades and DIY hacks since. The B5 units are the fiber I am unlikely to have here in our rural area. The experience has been great and I do have plans for using B5 units on campus now for some of the distant buildings on our 3250 acre campus that don’t justify the cost of fiber runs but still need faster connectivity than our on-campus DSL (which we mostly use for residential broadband) can provide.

Glad to be a part of this community! :smile:



Soam here from India! Owner at J E T S P O T Networks in India. We currently are on complete UBNT network, but looking forward to use Mimosa for our backhauls too. Hope to have a good time here.


Hello Everyone,

Glad to see Mimosa come to life! Name is Kevin from New Jersey, I am the co-owner of S2T Solutions which is a fiber optic and wireless contractor in New Jersey. We are looking forward to introducing Mimosa to our clients in Government and Education for backhaul where our fiber ends or where our fiber cannot go. Very excited to receive our first B5 Lite for testing in the coming weeks.


I am Phillip. I am the President and CTO of Imagination Forward. We have our own Hosted PBX platform and HIPAA compliant cloud. We also do WLAN consulting for a federal Gov’t agency and some consulting for NGOs for WISP access primarily in Africa. We are a veteran owned business. We are considering using some of the B5 devices combined with other technologies to provide connectivity to some buildings bypassing the ILEC.


Welcome Aaron! Glad to hear your first B5 experience was a good one!


Hi everyone! I’m Rick Lindahl, founder and President of Invictus Networks, LLC, now doing business as Invictus Wireless. We are a specialized wireless Integrator/VAR/Distributor supplying wireless technologies to WISP’s and other industries for over 14 years now and I have to say that working with everyone at Mimosa and their wireless solutions has been great. From Jaime’s great presentations to their sales and support teams, we’ve been very impressed and are happy to be one of their authorized partners.

I’ve been supporting the WISP industry now for over 17 years and recognize many of the people introducing themselves here from over the years. I’ll be seeing many of you at WISPApalooza next month so keep up the good work everyone!

Rick Lindahl


Hi Everyone! Rob Genovesi with Coastside.Net in Half Moon Bay, California. We’ve been around since 1997 and provide both wireless and wireless service. I’m really looking forward to learning about Mimosa gear and taking our wireless services to the next level. Heading to Wispapalooza in Las Vegas this month and hoping to meet some of you there!




Welcome to the community Rob, can’t wait to meet you next week at Wispalooza! Come find us at our booth.


Hello all, my name is Fabio Moreira and I am ClickMobile’s managing director - a Brazilian VAR. Looking forward to build lots of Mimosa networks down here and also to contribute to the development. :sunglasses: [][1]


Hi everyone I’m Forbes Mercy of Washington Broadband, Inc., I’m pleased that Mimosa is making competitive well engineered equipment to improve the Wireless community. I’m looking forward to the high performance WISP’s need to improve our community Internet services.


Hello, I am brazilian and work a long time, exactly 17 years with WISP’s providers and resellers.
Currently I am part of the team Click Mobile and we are introducing the Mimosa in the Brazilian scene.
It is a pleasure to join this community and could be exchanging experiences around the world.


@Forbes in the house! So glad to see you here. Fantastic show at WISPApalooza.


Really excited to see you in the community @Fabio. You have probably one of the best use case and product tests we’ve seen, very excited to enter into the Brazilian market soon!!!


Hey I’m Joe from ncn data excited about the community Elle is amazing