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Hi, I’m Frank. I’m a network installer with Cactus Computer and Internet. We started as a Computer Store manufacturing our own PC Clone computers back in 1986. We added networking in 1990 using ThinNet and the Lantastic NOS. We added our first Internet modem bank back in 1995. GTE Northwest talked us into servicing their “New” ADSL technology back in 1999. And later that year we set up our first Wireless link to a rural customer using Cisco 802.11b Bridges. We’ve since used Tranzeo, HighGainAntennas, SkyPilot, and Ubiquiti. And just last week we set up our first Mimosa link with a pair of B5-Lites replacing an existing PTP. We are impressed with the results and planing 5 more link replacements soon. And we are thinking about where we could most use the added speed of the Mimosa PTMP system when it comes out. Nearly 30 years working in the Computer Industry, and I’m still excited by what’s coming next…


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jason and I am the owner of Unifying Solution LLC a VAR. We launched a little over a year ago with enterprise products and I bring to the table large datacenter support experience. With that knowledge I hope to transition the ease of support that I’ve delivered to large datacenter customers to both the small and large WISP within our reach.

We are very excited to add value to the Mimosa Networks brand!


Jason Smedley


Hey :smile:

I’m Daniel and i’m based out of Christchurch, New Zealand and i’m an engineer for Go Wireless NZ/Streakwave NZ, local distributors of Mimosa for the South Pacific!

We’re really excited to see Mimosa grow over here on our little island and watch our customers pick up the equipment and start to love it. I look forward to many great things in the future :slight_smile:


Great to meet in Vegas! Such a rare opportunity. Hope to see you for Apricot, will try to make that an extended trip down under.


Hello Everyone. I’m Bob Kibrick, with the University of California Observatories / Lick Observatory. I am planning an upgrade to the 5 GHz link to our facilities on Mt. Hamilton, located in the Diablo Range to east of San Jose, California. The path length to our downlink site is about 30 km and free of obstructions. We are considering using the B5c for this upgrade, using either existing 30 dBi dish antennas at each endpoint or upgrading those to 34 dBi. I have modeled this path with the Mimosa design tool but do not yet have confidence in that tool’s results. Using a 20 MHz channel, the best SNR achieved within the tool’s 40 dBm max EIRP limit is around 23 to 24, depending on the frequency selected. The aggregate IP rate predicted by the tool is > 125 Mbps, which would suffice.

I am interested in hearing the results obtained by others who have used the B5c to implement links > 30 km within the U.S.

The 45 km link described by Luis in Argentina is encouraging, but I suspect that higher transmit power may be permitted there than in the U.S.


Hi Elle.

I was wondering if you had any information regarding what appears to be the use of Mimosa B5c radios for a microwave link between San Francisco and the Farallon Islands, located 50 km away. I am looking at using B5c radios for a link between Santa Clara and the Lick Observatory facilities on Mt. Hamilton, located 30 km away.

In doing a Google search, I came across what appears to be a Powerpoint presentation (in Spanish) prepared by Mimosa and featuring a slide describing the San Francisco-to-Farallon Islands link; see:

If possible, I would like to learn more about how that link was implemented and how it is performing.


Bob Kibrick, University of California Observatories / Lick Observatory


Hi Rob,
Yes, we do have a link out to the Farallon islands. I believe it is just as simple as any other link. Have you used the link design tool?

I’ll check with our network design guys and see what they have to say.



Hi Elle,

Yes, I have used Mimosa’s network design tool. Given the length of our link (30 km), I am concerned by the low transmit power (12 dBm) that tool imposes under the 40 dBm OOBE max EIRP limit when specifying a 30 dBi antenna.

Our existing 5 GHz link was installed in 2010 and operates under the FCC’s now-deprecated Part 15.427 rules. Under those rules, we are able to operate in the UNII-3 band with a transmit power of 23 dBm with a 30 dBi antenna.

The information I found online regarding the B5c-based link between San Francisco and the Farallon Islands indicated that they were using a 36 dBi antenna with a 2x40 MHz channel. It did not specify the transmit power they were using.

According to the Mimosa design tool, when using a 36 dBi antenna, transmit power would need to be limited to no more than 6 dBm to stay within the 40 dBm OOBE max EIRP limit. Is that in fact the transmit power level they are using for the link to the Farallons? If so, is their link providing a solid connection using a transmit power of only 6 dBm?

I am nearly ready to purchase a set of B5c radios but would first like to confirm that other B5c customers have in fact been able to successfully operate links with path lengths >= 30 km using such modest transmit power levels (e.g., 12 dBm or less) in combination with high gain antennas (e.g., those with gains >= 30 dBi).




Hi Jaime, Thanks for all.
My name is Leandro Lopes Marczykoski, and Im Wireless Engineer in Giga Internet , a big Wisp in Brazil.

I met Jaime ,Elle and Lee at the headquarters of Mimosa in September and for me it was an honor to meet the work of Mimosa. It´s was a great Day!!

I worked many years ago with wireless technologies and after meeting the Mimosa technology , I can say I had one of the best positive surprises , which brought me incredible success stories . Everyone who indicate this equipment , return me the same way , speaking positively of equipment .
I met him at Mimosa headquarters in September this year and for me it was an honor to meet the work of Mimosa .
One of my pricipais work is to design links of high capacity backhaul for our internet provider, and bring these projects to field and make it work. I work with Licensed radios like Ceragon, SIAE, Radwin, and others.
I am passionate about technology and certainly the Mimosa came into my life at just the right time.

I have a formed concept that will break many barriers networks using equipment of mimosa , for the quality that has the equipment is very innovative , and reliable.

Thanks for all my friends. :smiley:


@Leandro you are too kind!! We are so thankful to have your support. Please come back for a visit anytime! Looking forward to more discussions with you in the community! :slight_smile: :relaxed:


Hi Elle!!

For sure I will always be here available to help everyone to correctly configure the radios and get the maximum performance :wink: :grinning: :wink:


Let´s Go Jaime!! Brazil needs Mimosa so mutch my friend!!! I have published a lot about the benefits of using mimosa . I hope that soon we can buy the radios in several distributors in Brazil.
Best Regards.


Thanks a lot Jaime. Customers are going crazy here with the possibilities Mimosa can bring to the Brazilian market and I hope very soon we will have a large network implemented as first strong case! :smile:


Hi all…I am Harlan Bodden Co-owner of MegaNet Wireless in Honduras, Central America. I started a local computer business in the town of Siguatepeque in 2008. Last year I partnered in to MegaNet Wireless and deployed our first Wireless solution in a well needed sector of our town. The results were awesome!
Now we are looking to expand citywide in the begining of 2016. I am enthused to learn about Mimosa and thier products of which we plan on using from Back Hauls to CPEs.

Have a great day, and congrats Mimosa on your hard earned work in receiving all mentioned rewards that add a great value to the Company.


Hello. I am a software developer, but I am investigating the possibility of creating a small WISP to provide internet service to the community where the family cottage is. Currently the only option is DSL that tops out at 3mbps. I am in planning stages. If I decide to deploy it would probably be in May - June of this year.

Also, an FYI to mimosa, the movies in your sliders on the product pages aren’t showing for me on Safari.


Justin WHT
’Nuff said.



I’m Ismael, telecom engineer working for some wireless networks, owning a small wisp and completing application to become autorised reseller in Spain.


Hello, I’m from Brazil, working with retail wireless devices for more than 10 years, now working in Click Mobile, authorized reseller Mimosa among other products.
We are developing a strong work with WISP’s providers presenting the full potential of the line equipment MIMOSA offers.
It is a pleasure to be part of this community :grinning:


Hola, Gary Schiltz here. I’m a “retired” :slight_smile: software engineer who has been living with my wife and five parrots in the rugged, mountainous cloud forest in a very rural area about two hours outside of Quito, the capitol of Ecuador. Over my 8 years of living here, I have learned a little bit (a dangerous thing) about wireless internet. When I first moved here, there were no land lines in my area, and barely usable GPRS from cellular (barely even a cell signal at all). The nearest town with reliable internet (San Miguel de Los Bancos) is 20 km away “as the toucan flies”. The few WISP providers were pretty uninterested in serving me, since the nearest neighbor was miles away. Fortunately, my land is on the side of a mountain, 1000 meters higher than and sloping toward Los Bancos. So, with the help of one of the ISPs there, and a retailer in Quito (, I installed a pair of 900MHz Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco radios, with 15dbi external antennas - one on a 6 meter tower (on my end) and the other on my ISP’s 20 meter tower. This setup has been more or less okay over the years.

I have made friends with quite a few people here with similar needs, and have helped a few. Now, I want to get more serious about it, maybe make a very small amount of profit on the side to supplement my othewise fixed and limited income. There is not a lot of pressure to make much money, instead I want to provide the best, most reliable service to a handful (at first) of clients here in the hinterlands. I saw that now carries a limited amount of Mimosa gear. Though Ecuador is still very heavily biased toward Ubiquiti and Mikrotik, the Mimosa gear and community looks very attractive to me. Therefore, I’m here in this forum introducing myself in a too-long post, and hope that Mimosa will be a major part of my equipment solution. I hope people will be patient as I start asking a lot of novice questions :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Juan Basaldua I’m located in Merida Yucatan Mexico, I just start my own wisp and currently have 40 customers, have the b5-lite now as a ptp , but wanted to upgrade with the b5c or b11, I will love to be a distributor for Mimosa here in mexico and Central America, so far I’m in love with the product.